tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Um. How incredible are these candy lipsticks? That is the most creative brain.

2. Okay. I know I just mentioned this a few weeks ago, but really. Does anyone think that autocorrect has been more out-of-control than usual? It’s trying to correct almost ALL of my words. Have to good. Good to food. Whaaaaaat to wheat. Omg to one. Maybe it just wants me to stop talking like a 13-year old? Yeah probably.

3. Ugh. The internet, texting and everything else has just murdered me grammatically. It’s so horrifying and now I’m all “but wait, what’s a comma?!”

4. This. How successful people work less and get more done. Looooove it.

5. In sad news for Tuesday things but good news for my brain, productivity and life library, I didn’t watch any TV shows this week. I can’t get into the Bachelorette at all. Uh but let me just say one thing. If I never, ever, ever see a preview for The Whispers again, that would be great. I am petrified of those previews. No. Just no.

6. Since I’m rediscovering life a little, I’ve been back to reading so much more. I’m going to jump on the trendy bandwagon and read The Girl on the Train. Will I love it? I’m half tempted to audio-book it because I will probably finish it sooner that way since I can listen while I work/recipe test. But that’s never the same as reading. You feel me?

7. 29 things 90s teen girls did in the summer. Oh my gosh almost every single one. No, these will never get old for me.

8. My macbook updated to the newest version of iPhoto and I totally loathe it. You’d think with all this constant changing technology I’d be cool with it but nope. Still hate change. Halp me.

9. I want some house plants! I need some house plants. What kind of house plants should I get? Will I kill the house plants? Some easy house plants please. Can I buy them online? Could I be any lazier?