tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Just how much is this wrinkly sheet under these flowers DRIVING YOU CRAZY?! It had a purpose, I swear.

2. Where has this no bake s’mores chocolate crackle cake been all my life?! What in the world.

3. Um, totally meant to share this last week but did any other James Taylor lovers see the Jimmy Fallon seesaw skit? Spot on. I die.

4. I kind of want to change up my currently crushing on posts on the weekends. One of my biggest flaws is that I only do things I love and once they get stale, I’m like, meh… I’m done. That worked REAL well for math, science and anything in school that wasn’t english or lunch. Oh and the summer course I had to take in college called C++ or whatever that was called. I’m going to figure it out! Also I owe you a Max update and a baby faves. Are you still into those? What a weird spot I’m in! I’m in a glass case of emotion.

5. All I want in life is to grow and inch or two so I can chicly wear a jumpsuit. I have tried so so so so many and they’ve all been a massive fail. Jumpsuit fails unite.

6. I STILL can’t get into Orange is the New Black this season. Eddie has given up completely and he loved the first two seasons. I’m on my own and struggling to get through. Whyyyyy. I hate when I stop liking my favorite shows. Did you see the new teaser for The Affair? I can’t even wait!

7. I turned on Dances with Wolves last night because it was on TV and I had a bajillion photos to edit. My brothers and I were obsessed with the movie when we were kids. Um, it’s kind of terrifying and violent at times. How did I sleep at night back then?

8. Here is another incredible house in northern Michigan and I’m freaking over it. Uhhh look at that bar!

9. We have a huge bunny that lives in our yard. Yes, it lives in our yard and I’ve claimed it mine. Max and I look for it everyday and watch it. How am I now this person?

10. What are you making for the 4th of July?! I want a big s’mores trifle. Pass me a recipe!