IT’S JUNE! What the heck.

june beauty favorites I


I love so many things this month!

Things I am still using every day that I mentioned last month: the bare minerals complexion rescue (I love it more every day!), the kevyn aucoin bronzer (mine slightly shattered while traveling and I’m devastated, wah), the tarte sunscreen and the st. tropez express tanning foam.

I tried the st. tropez in-shower gradual tan because I was SO excited about it. I’m still on the fence? First, how am I supposed to tell time in the shower if I don’t have a waterproof watch? I don’t know if I left it on long enough. I had to get out of the shower anyway to wash the tan off my hands, so I just looked at my phone and gauged the time. But it’s supposed to be easy… like you stay in the shower, don’t dry off, etc. I didn’t find it so simple. And it’s very gradual, like it says.

Also, I bought this oribe texturizing spray after a bunch of you guys recommended it to me. I needed something less than hairspray for a few events this month and I had only heard good things. I’ve only used it twice but so far, I really like it.

Oh oh and I switched this up a bit – like why am I so slow on the uptake? I guess I don’t need a single solitary picture for everything, especially since I repeat a bunch, and I thought the listed style may be easier to read too. Still rambly though. Oops.

june beauty favorites I

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Travel Packet: how cute and convenient is this?! I found these at sephora and grabbed a few for traveling this summer. Eddie and I both use this cream on our face at night, so we buy the big tub and it’s a pain to travel with. These are ideal and they had a few others of their products too.

Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner: I’ve used this stuff off and on for years. Ages ago (maybe 6 or 7 years?) I used it religiously, buying it at my salon. More recently though, my hair is nuts. It’s completely changed since having a baby and is more dry than usual even though I’m not using as many products on it and is just… I don’t know. Coarser? Wavier? Suckier? I like the last one. Whatever – it’s constantly a tangled mess and this is saving my comb’s life when I get out of the shower.

Essie Go Ginza: I saw someone wearing this shade on instagram and like a day later my cousin Lacy was talking about it and showed it to me. It’s so pretty. It’s like a neutral purple. Can I call it a neutral purple? That’s definitely what it is.

Clarins Golden Glow Booster: I used this allll the time last year and absolutely loved it. I even started using it in my body lotion in early summer of 2014. And then we moved, I used it up and didn’t think about it in the winter. I bought another and am It gives me the best natural color ever – with no self tan smell.

Alterna Summer Ocean Waves: I bought this summer’s version of this last month before I knew that the old school John Frieda one was back! I always love these though, and I think I’ve only dried my hair five or so times since Max was born, and they work great on semi-damp hair with lots of scrunching. And smells like summer. Duh.

Victoria’s Secret Bronze Shimmer Lotion: Max and I did lots of laps walking at the mall with all the rain we’ve had in June, and I walked into Victoria’s Secret during the semi-annual sale. This lotion was 50% off and it smelled like something I bought from VS like twelve years ago, so of course I HAD to have it. I am very impressed – it’s not sparkly, just slightly shimmery. It doesn’t transfer or rub off, especially on Max. But it washes right off with soap and water.

june beauty favorites I

Fresh Sugar Nude Lip Balm: I never, ever wear nude lipsticks – they wash me out like no other. The closest I come is MAC creme cup. I was tempted by this, which was weird considering I haven’t loved many of the other shades in this line (besides my all-time love advanced lip therapy), and I’m so glad I bought it. It has enough pink in it for my pale skin. It brightens up my face when I have no makeup on but need to run somewhere.

Bare Minerals Candy Pop Lip Oil Balm: Oh my gosh. I think I love this one better than the peach shade I bought in the spring. This is awesome. Almost like a balmy version of candy yum-yum?! So moisturizing, don’t need a mirror to apply, it’s perfect. I’ve also mixed it with the nude fresh balm above.

Clinique Pop Primer Lipstick in Wow Pop: I broke down and finally bought one of these lipsticks! I absolutely love the formula, it’s not drying whatsoever and it lasts for a good while. The colors are gorgeous (I also bought sweet pop) and it goes on super smoothly. There aren’t any duplicates for some of my favorite MAC shades, but those happen to be mattes anyway so it all works out. Have you tried these?!

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette: you might remember that I used this palette all through the fall when I was traveling on my book tour, meaning it was the first thing I grabbed when going away for my brother’s wedding weekend. I had no time prior to test out a long-lasting makeup look and this is always a sure bet. I love these colors, they work well together – this palette is so reliable.

Philosophy Fresh Cream Rollerball: I absolutely had to include this because there is finally a fresh cream rollerball! I’m pretty sure I begged for one a few months ago in a post. This is such a fresh-but-sweet-but-not-sickening scent and it’s perfect in a rollerball. Adore.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Rollerball: gahhhh this is THEEEE best summer scent. I love it so much – it has just enough of the old-school nostalgic beach scent that reminds me of my childhood, while also some hints of vanilla-y/coconut stuff. So good.

june beauty favorites I

Okay so tell me what’s up! Are you getting the Urban Decay naked smoked palette? I’m sort of tempted but, um, I so don’t need it. Like at all! And I’m barely doing stuff on my eyes these days anyway. What else are you loving? Any cool summer things? I’m super out of the loop.

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you for being here!}