tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Another week, another heartbreak that feels like real life to me. Miranda and Blake whyyyyyyyyyy.

2. Super interested in these raw matcha macaroons. I have tons of matcha that I bought with good intentions of consuming it but then, I just want coffee. Always.

3. Apparently I missed national emoji day? Worst ever.

4. On Saturday night Eddie bought THREE pieces of cheesecake. He then ate two of them. It was slightly horrifying.

5. I sliced my thumb on a wine wrapper this past weekend and all I could think about was… my texting thumb is injured. (I hate myself.)

6. Can’t get over these teens reacting to encyclopedias. NO. What will even happen in 15 years?

7. We are going on vacation soon annnnd… you know how I always get really annoying on instagram with sunsets and stuff? Kind of psyched that snapchat exists so I can blow that up instead. Most days I want to snap all day long like the 16 year old that I pretend to be, I just don’t have the time.

8. How cool are these negative space photos?!

9. We are at the point where we have to watch True Detective twice and then read recaps on the internet in order to get it. I am 100% in love with Masters of Sex again – I was afraid that I wouldn’t love it like I did the last two years but so far, I do! Oh! I also started to watch UnREAL after your many recommendations and I weirdly like it.

10. Did you get anything good on amazon prime day? What.a.joke. I did put one thing in my cart and was rewarded with “you are #526 in line. your chances of getting this item = poor.” Seriously. I wanted a tie dye kit.

11. I really don’t understand the whole Christmas in July thing. Like, the year goes by soooo fast, it just WAS Christmas. Must we do it again in the summer? It will be here before we know it. (ew.)