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Oh heeeey. It’s our baby favorites! Here’s what we are loving for this little chubbabubs up there. (Also, he is totally CROSSING HIS LEGS in the stroller up there. Dying.)

(for previous faves: 6 weeks/10weeks/6months)

For an overwhelming amount of faves (um hello first time moms):

the Orbit Baby stroller seat. I will admit that I was on the fence about this. We first started using it on vacation in July (I didn’t buy it until the end of June, or else we would have used it earlier) and the fact that it’s completely separate and can’t be folded with the stroller is a pain. But it is SUCH an awesome seat. I already love the Orbit base so much and how the car seat twists right in, and the stroller seat provides a lot more wiggle room for Max. It’s breathable, the sun shade is INSANE, and it can be reclined or popped up. He is also still small enough that he can face me, but it can also be turned to the side OR turned to face front. We love it. Only downside is that it takes up a painful amount of room in the car.

the Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Bag in black. So, this is the diaper bag I switched to after using my MZ Wallace bag for six months. I love the MZ Wallace, but it did become a black hole and just didn’t fit inside the bottom of strollers or hook onto the handles. I bought the Chelsea during the Nordstrom sale and have been in love with it every since. It has tons of compartments and no matter how much crap you stuff in it, it still zips! It has clips on the side to hook onto the stroller. It has a faux-leather looking panel and it fits tons of stuff. Later this week I will do the diaper bag post and show you more.

Zara leggings. I mentioned these before but feel the need to reiterate how much we love them. They are so comfy and soft and cute, plus the designs are adorable. I might have bought more than five pairs for Max a few weeks ago. He wears a pair (or two!) everyday, especially now that he is crawling nonstop. Only weird thing is that the sizing is often off. Some pairs I got in 6-9 months are the size of 3-6 months, etc.

the 4moms Breeze playyard. This is a modern pack and play and it.is.awesome. To be honest, Max doesn’t love sitting in here during the day right now because he just wants to be moving everywhere, but it’s wonderful for travel and sleep and it’s SO easy to use. It’s easily compacted and I also like how sleek it looks (which is great since it currently lives in our living room…). This is what we used on vaca.

this VTech Sit to Stand walker. This was popping up on amazon for months. I’ve bought so many other baby things that this one always was coming up as a recommended purchase (of course) and I bit the bullet. Max LOVES this. He pushes it all over our house and stands and dances to the music.

this coleman beach tent. I mentioned this in my July favorites but it’s definitely warranted here because it is completely baby related for us. This was recommended to me by many of you and is completely awesome. It was fairly easy to set up (I say that with hesitation since I never set it up, but the guys said it was) and provided shade on super hot days (90+) without ever getting stuffy and hot. It is big enough for Eddie and I to sit in with Max but not ridiculously big.

these bumkins waterproof bibs. Um, these are a lifesaver. I was doing a ridiculous amount of laundry because Max would go through two to three cloth bibs a day while eating. Food was EVERYWHERE. I adore the aden and anais bibs but we didn’t use them when he was teeny (he never spit up much) and now he is just so messy with his food while eating. These bibs are perfect and can easily be wiped down, washed off and hung up to dry.

currently loving this pack of thermal henley bodysuits now that the weather is cooling down. They are super comfy and cute!

this Summer Infant cart and seat cover. I never thought I’d use one of these even with the obnoxious amount of time I spend in grocery stores and target. But once Max started sitting in the cart seat, it just seemed so… uncomfortable? This one is really easy to use and makes any shopping trips with Max much more enjoyable. Ha.

these jellycat board books. It thrills me that Max loves books. And when I say he loves them, I mean the minute we open one and start reading, he squeals. He also picks up books and brings them over to me and sits in my lap – and I almost die. It’s the sweetest. These ones are his current faves and we take them everywhere.

this no slip bath mat and toy set. Around six months we started bathing Max in the big tub but needed something to prevent slipping. I’m sure you can guess who ordered this one with the bright neon animal colors… and maybe I like it more than he does. But it gets the job done!

On that same note, this mat that sits over the side of the tub is an elbow-saver. I foresee this being in our lives for many many many years.

One more bath thing! The 4moms spout cover temperature gauge. You know how much we loved the 4moms infant tub and a big reason was the thermometer. Eddie and I both have really dry skin and I’ve been nuts about watching the temperature of the water for that reason too. This easily snaps on and is no biggie.

this sassy wonder wheel is something I keep in the diaper bag for when we are out to eat. We don’t put Max in a high chair until the food comes, so if he needs extra entertaining, this suctions right on to the table. He loves this thing.

these Plum Organics teething wafers are something I keep on hand when we are out and about. With baby led weaning Max is eating all finger foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if we happen to be out or he seems to want to chew, I will give him one of these and he loves it. I try to limit it to like once a week or so. We’ve also tried these happy baby puffs and he kind of enjoys those too. And he loves these Earth Best organic mini blueberry waffles – which I spread with mashed avocado for baby avocado toasts! I find all that stuff at Target. OF COURSE.

Sooooooo please tell: what baby products are you loving right now?!

[this post is not sponsored and is merely a list of products we’ve loved the last few months! there are a few amazon affiliate links above – I purchase almost everything off of amazon since they usually have the best prices. thank you so much for reading + supporting the blog! xoxo]