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It was one crazy week and I am so super excited it’s the weekend. I want to pumpkin patch, pumpkin pancake and pumpkin beer while we’re at it. We’re going to do some fall decorating and by “we’re” I mean that I will put up a bunch of things Eddie doesn’t like and then nag him to help me plant mums. SO FUN.

Later this weekend, look for our nine month baby favorites and my beauty faves too. And did you see this chocolate chunk zucchini loaf that I shared over on the Pioneer Woman? Um, hello – it’s VEGETABLES in chocolate cake with chocolate chunks. So basically: health food.

Have a peek at the internet wins this week:

i can’t get over this post on cherishing your girlfriends. the comments are great too.

OMG. four words. four amazing words: DIY Lisa Frank Costumes. whaaaaaat!

sounds perfectly interesting: olive oil ice cream sandwiches. yes yes yes.

oh hey fall, i’m glad you brought this chipotle apple sweet potato salad into my life.

it’s the weekend which means brunch which means tequila sunrise.

here are 20 healthy game day recipes to add to all of your football food.

buttered rum and candied sweet potato crumb cake?! i’m currently in a coffee cake phase and need this right away.

absolutely making this deconstructed falafel salad this week for dinner. so much wow.

did you see this gluten free cookbook for beginners??? i love kristin and her book looks so well done.

this pumpkin brulee french toast sounds insane but what really sells me is the whipped sour cream!

broccoli may be able to happen this way: stuffed in a baked potato with tons of cheddar.