currently crushing on I


THE WEEKEND! Whyyyy do shorter weeks always take, like, four thousand years longer than regular five day weeks? Did you see this past week that I shared my annual huuuuge favorite football foods? That might be helpful this weekend. Ooooh I’m excited.

Annnnd I shared a new baby update. What’s on your plate this weekend? I kind of sort of want a pumpkin spice latte to be on mine but I’m not even going to go there. Bah.

the goods:

the perfection that is these lavender goat cheese cheesecakes? ooomph.

sunday morning is made for these banana chocolate chunk espresso muffins. i want 50 of them.

loving this talk on unraveling your photos. mine are so out of control right now thanks to a little chubbabubbabug.

how cool is this behind-the-scenes peek at a cookbook cover process?

long live summer! we have, like, ten days left so you should probably make this chocolate brownie ice cream.

that’s also enough time to make these summer berry honey fools, right? RIGHT?

and spicy watermelon margaritas. obviously enough time for those.

this dutch apple pie with toffee sauce looks incredible, but the words that go with it is what hooked me.

I can’t believe how loudly this bacon and eggs ramen is calling my name.

we’ve been eating panzanella salads at least once a week with our fresh tomatoes. totally adore this pattypan squash version.

homemade milano cookies?! sign me up!