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Heeeeey ya! Can that Outkast song be stuck in your head too now? I’ve been shaking it like a polaroid picture for three days now because I heard it once. And once you hear it, you can’t unhear it. Am I right?

What is your magic moment of the week? I can’t believe that summer is really ending here in a few days. Do you agree that there needs to be one more ice cream cone, margarita, pool day and popsicle? We are celebrating Eddie’s birthday this weekend which means cupcakes and we miiiiiight head to the zoo. Your fun plans? Indulge me since I don’t remember what it’s like to stay up past 9:30.

Some things: did you see that I shared step-by-step, exactly how I soft boil eggs over on The Pioneer Woman? I could eat eggs for every darn meal. Ooooh and over on the Crate and Barrel blog you can find three simple (well, a bit less simple than PB+J), healthy lunch ideas for busy people.

And other internet goods of the week. >>>

i want these breakfast tacos ASAP with a big fat michelada.

reason 462 why i adore harbor springs – this dinner!

how awesome do these honey whipped ricotta stuffed scones look?!

our cocktail of choice today shall be the mai tai!

have you seen this!? this OMG garlic bread?! OMG is right.

get this: how a dessert blogger survives 2 months without added sugar. whoa.

what does it mean if i’m craving this steak and eggs? it’s dreamy.

the weekend calls for brown butter oat pancakes. does it not?

putting it on the menu this week: crispy za’atar fries.

totally craving this southern sweet potato cake. that’s some serious perfection.

al pastor chicken skewers. give me that grill.

i don’t even love pie and all i want this moment is tart cherry pie. so freaking pretty.