life with max: eight months in.

I can’t believe that this little chubbabub is approaching the nine month mark. What have I been doing the last nine months?! Time is just flying like everyone said it would. Totally crayyyy zee.

life with max: eight months in I

Also, let’s get this out of the way early: no, I still don’t feel like I have it together whatsoever. And I don’t know if I ever will! I should just add a bunch more babies to the mix right? That will help.

Max is still such a happy little bug. Sometimes Eddie and I just can’t BELIEVE how happy he is all the time. Especially since we can both be maniacs. Max is so chill and relaxed and goes along with whatever. How is he our kid?!

Oh but he totally knows how to really throw a tantrum now if he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s kind of hilarious. Just five seconds ago I took the Apple TV remote from him (how did he manage to grab it AGAIN?!) and he screamed bloody murder. Then he plopped down and crawled over to rip apart a magazine. He loves all remotes, phones, papers that crinkle and boxes.

life with max: eight months in I

Here’s what is currently going on with the little love muffin:

He never stops moving. Like never ever stops. If he’s not crawling or sliding on his belly then he is standing whenever he can and bouncing and dancing. He is starting to stand unattended (is that the right word?!) but I have no idea if he will start walking soon. He walks up and down the tables and chairs and couches, but I feel like he could do this for another month or two (or longer?) before taking steps on his own.

A few weeks ago he started clapping his hands (I don’t know if he learned this from us or just figured it out?) and will crawl to a mirror, sit in front of it and look at himself and clap. He also STARTS games of peek-a-boo which kills me. Like he will crawl behind the couch, then peek around and look at me. Then sit back so he can’t see me and laugh hysterically.

I die.

life with max: eight months in I

Everywhere we go – and I mean everywhere – people think he is a girl. It cracks me up. Eddie didn’t believe me at first (it really started happening two months or so ago) and then once he experienced it, he also couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know if it’s the curls on his head or what.

I don’t correct anyone because I don’t mind, I just think it’s so funny. It must be the gingery mop!

life with max: eight months in I

Eating is going so well. I give him whatever we are eating (within reason, of course) for dinner and he loves it. There is a lot less throwing and much more consuming these days. His favorite is pasta with sauce and broccoli. Oh my gosh and watermelon. He LOVES watermelon!

I’m psychotic and am so afraid that he is going to grow up hating veggies and green things like I did. So I’ve really upped our greens game. I always give him some sort of our greens at lunch and dinner. For breakfast, we do a lot of scrambled egg yolks (you guys gave me this idea in the comments of my previous post!), berries, a baby pancake (I made these with bananas and blueberries, they were a hit) or mini organic blueberry waffles. Also baby avocado toasts. He still absolutely loathes purees, but the last few days I’ve given him some bites of yogurt and he takes them. He seems to really love it, so I started stuffing raspberries with a little yogurt and dipping strawberries in yogurt. Also adding a teeeeny sprinkle of cinnamon. Still won’t eat purees off a spoon consistently or off his high chair tray either. He just very wants real food he can feed himself!

OH! And what I’ve done with the purees that I made early on that he has no interest in: defrost them and use them as a “sauce” for pasta. Mixed with a little milk and tossed with a whole grain rotini and veggies.

life with max: eight months in I

He is still nursing like a crazy man. He loves it and would probably gladly nurse every two hours (at least for a few minutes) if I let him. He still climbs up me the minute he wants any sort of comfort, which we find pretty funny.

life with max: eight months in I

I can never take this giddy little smile that he does below when he is super excited. He does this a bunch after we read (he looooooves books), when he first wakes up and when Eddie gets home.

Speaking of Eddie, every night they play a bunch of games after dinner and before bedtime. Eddie crawls in and out of rooms and Max follows him while giggling the entire time. Max has this thing for doors (he is obsessed with opening and closing them, then screams if he can’t get it back open) and they just chase each other from room to room. It’s the best part of the night.

life with max: eight months in I

Sleep is slightly better. He seems to be starting to sleep longer stretches at night – like some 5 or 6 hours stretches. Not every night, but fairly often. Yes, that is LONG for him. And now that I said that, we will probably be awake five times tonight.

That’s how it goes, right?

life with max: eight months in I

Since he is moving so much, I find myself taking fewer pictures. I hate it!! I’m really trying to be better because I want to document things, obviously. Also, what are you new moms doing with photos – are you printing them out (if so, from where) and making photo albums? I’ve never been much of a scrapbook/album person, but I want printed photos, even if I stick them in a box. I always loved looking at photos when I was a kid so I definitely want some tangible ones.

life with max: eight months in I

In the next few days I’m going to share what’s in our diaper bag (is this interesting or just, blah?) and which one I’m using (I love it!) – as well as our nine month baby favorites. Thanks for loving this little monkey!