tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Totally still in full summer mode over here. Espesh (can I use that? ew.) since it’s over 90 degrees. But I do want a pumpkin thing every now and then. Also, dunkin pumpkin > starbucks pumpkin. Every year. Ooooh and I kind of want a pumpkin beer. Or as my dad calls it, perfume beer.

2. Is anyone else underwhelmed by the new google homepage logo?! It looks super 2006. But I know nothing.

3. Two of my most favorite things!! Tart cherry chocolate tart. I just can’t. It reminds me of these.

4. Target stole all of my money again. WTF.

5. We took one for the team and made rainbow chip cupcakes (from a box) over the weekend. I wanted to see how they compare to my confetti cupcakes (in my book!) and um, they were incredible. No shame here.

6. What kinds of things can I plant in the fall? Flowers, food, and the like? Tell my uneducated gardening brain puhlease.

7. As HUGE fans, Eddie and I finally watched the Entourage movie last night. Um, when it was ending, I thought it was only half over! It was like a gigantic long episode. I want 25 more.

8. 21 shocking facts about the incoming freshman class. I’m quite elderly.

9. Taco Tuesday is in full force tonight. What are you making?! I’m currently obsessed with finding the best posole recipe. Do you have one? I’ve been meal planning like a fool.