tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How does this first grade lunch box cake even exist?! What? How? When? I need.

2. Remember how last week I talked about how terrifying The Visit previews were?! Um, now there are ads on instagram for the movie so I can’t escape it. It forced me to go online and read the entire plot so I feel slightly better now. See also: I ruin the endings of all the things.

3. Please tell me you saw this history of rap.

4. How do you feel about sky diving? Is it that one thing you NEED to do? I have absolutely no desire to ever do it. Does this make me unadventurous? Boring? A mom? Ha.

5. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I finally found the cotton candy grapes that everyone raves about they seriously taste like… cotton candy. So freaking weird!

6. 19 things that smell like childhood. Hated the sound of this post but then I read it and was like… um, I smell all those things. For real.

7. I totally loved Masters of Sex this week and I think we are on the verge of one of the big life events happening?? I hope it doesn’t affect the show in a weird way. Also, have you seen the previews for the Affair? OMG. It looks SO good this season. Fear the Walking Dead thoughts? Eddie is still loving it, I’m still on the fence. It somehow feels fake to me when The Walking Dead feels real. Makes no sense, I know.

8. I really want one of these adult coloring books. I don’t know when I’d color, but have you tried one?

9. Seriously, we don’t go one day in this house without belting out “I can’t feel my face…” and I’m totally ready for a new brain song.