What! Six years of doing this thing, writing terribly embarrassing rambles on the internet. Am I an adult yet?

year six I howsweeteats.com

It’s true. Today marks six whole years that I’ve been blogging, some 2100 days ago when I made the best decision ever to spill my guts to a bunch of (what would become) invisible internet friends.

Um, please tell me. How are we still friends when I posted things like this and expected you to read it? Let’s just take a moment to say WHAT.


So. Even though I’ve had the crumbs section on my blog for all six years and have shared lots of personal life things, this is the first year that I am including a few photos other than food in my blog birthday roundup.

Because it was kind of a big year.

The blog was my first baby and then I went and had, well… a REAL baby. I didn’t know how I’d feel about the site and of course, there were a few days where I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, but truly? Other than those days here and there when I hibernated with Max this past winter, I have never not been crazy in love with this space and what I do.

Beyonce style.

(so that’s obviously huge.)

You guys gave me a place to go over the last year, a place that we built together and it provided me with NORMALCY when everything in my life had been wonderfully turned upside down and there was so much new new new. I’m still working through the new and am oh so glad you are here. You are the chocolate chips to my peanut butter spoon.

I hope you know how ridiculously grateful I am for your face everyday. Not a millisecond goes by that I’m not aware of how lucky I am to write in this space daily and call it a JOB (still explaining that one to my mom), to receive the opportunities I have thanks to you and most of all, to have a career that allowed me to spend the last nine months cuddled up to this chubbanugget.

I also hope you know that if you’re sitting on the other side of the screen, feeling all sorts of blah and not happy with the direction of your career, that I sat there once too, miserable and unfulfilled and bored – and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you’re willing to work for it and passionate about something. I’m asked a lot if I was “nervous that it wouldn’t work out” and, well – we all know that I don’t think with my brain and only with my heart, so my answer is no – because if I was putting 150% passion into something 150% of the time, how could it fail?

P.S. I still find myself afraid that the internet will explode tomorrow and this will all disappear. So there is that.

THANK YOU so much for sticking with me and reading, especially in the last year when I don’t even remember where I put my [insert car keys, phone, chapstick, wallet, workout shoes, water bottle, hair tie here]. (daily.) I have always been an avid blog reader and I know that enjoying a blog can ebb and flow – the writer can only offer you their person and well, after reading that day after day, it can get old, boring, stale and redundant. I hope that I can offer you enough that so even in those moments when you’re totally over my rambles or sick of my millennial ways (because let’s be real), you can still find something delicious to eat!

Cheers to so many exclamation points. Apologies for ginormous blocks of text.

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