tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I feel like you know you’ve reached mom status when you just start throwing ALL clothes in the dryer. Like I don’t even bother hanging things to dry that shouldn’t be in the dryer now?

2. How wonderful does this whipped frozen yogurt sound?! I want it with all the fall things.

3. Have you seen the previews yet for Jem and the Holograms? I’m kinda sorta maybe hoping that this makes kids want to dress up as Jem for Halloween again. Since I did so, like, six times.

4. P.S. I still really hate dressing up but may do it for the sake of kids in a year or so. I already feel myself caving.

5. Apparently there is such a thing as a LISA FRANK CREDIT CARD. Is this real? Is it a joke? How can I get one? Right now?

6. I can’t even deal with all the TV on right now! Let’s go with my fave first: The Affair. LOVED it. Hate Noah. Homeland started slow for me but I watched it again last night and think it’s going to be good. More Quinn please. I liked Nashville and wasn’t surprised with the ending at all. Empire?? Eeeeee Cookie. I’m liking Scandal again too after not so much last year. Eddie is obsessed with Narcos on Netflix right now and while I am *kinda* into it, I always multitask when watching TV and there are so many subtitles that I have to pay attention. Still have yet to watch The Leftovers and Fear the Walking Dead. Thoughts?

7. Add to the list of things I will never be able to pull off: tie booties with slouchy socks.

8. Contemplating doing some DIY pumpkin things, only because I saw neon ones on pinterest. Uh, also, have you seen Target’s Halloween decor? Even Eddie wanted to buy some. WHY ARE THEY IN MY BRAIN?

9. Fall, 20 years ago, before pumpkin lattes! More importantly, Now and Then. Huge huge huge favorite.

10. You guys gave me the best pumpkin beer suggestions ever yesterday. But now, I want to try them all. Pumpkin beer party?