tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These macarons are actually the size of my palm. Huge! (pistachio for life, by the way. also in basic randomness, I do NOT like salted caramel. ???)

2. On my list today: spiced turkey and chickpea chili. With pita croutons!

3. Eddie is currently into eating kale. I repeat: Eddie is eating kale. Tell me if you see a pig fly?

4. Uh also, can we discuss this Jem eyeshadow palette?? Seriously. It is like the universe read my blog the last five years and saw me talk about Jem every few months. I mean, it was made for ME, right?! Okay one more: Jem cookie cutter. Just stop.

5. 14 things you didn’t know about Sweet Valley High.

6. Right now I have an extremly obnoxious, horrifying amount of scarves. Halp me. My plan is to go donate ten today.

7. The freaking Affair. How is this show still so good?! Gah. This week didn’t disappoint and I love that we got a bit more info at the end. I definitely think what Noah is envisioning is his book. Thoughts? Um and the ending of Homeland? I LOVE IT. I’m back to listening to afterbuzz TV podcasts of the shows too while I cook. (Somebody give me a life please.) And finally, Carol is the best on TWD. She wins.

8. Since this post is half tween books and half tween TV shows, did you read R.L. Stine and Goosebumps back in the day? I devoured those books s0 – here’s 10 updated millennial titles. Ha. Also, why was I so brave to read/watch scary things as a kid? Invincible mentality? These days I can’t even watch scary COMMERCIALS.

9. In other news, we might make our fifth (sixth? seventh?) (different!) pumpkin patch trip this weekend. What is this life with kids? Am I making my baby basic?