tuesday things I howsweeteats.com1. I think I’m over bacon donuts. I still love bacon everything else, but bacon donuts, no more. Maybe it’s the maple?

2. Things I’m not over: peanut butter, banana and chocolate. Together. Making those bites today. Best snack!

3. Eddie spent four hours last weekend “PRACTICING” carving pumpkins. Practicing. So Max can have cool pumpkins. This definitely caused no strain on our marriage because it’s not like we had anything (i.e. chores) that needed to get done. None at all.

4. Just spent more $ on my baby’s shoes that I have for myself in probably one year. That he can wear for like 46 minutes before he grows out of them. Raise you’re hand if you’re an insane first time mom.

5. How to fall back in love with your life. Yes yes yes.

6. The Walking Dead and I are currently in a huge fight. I am depressed over the last episode and praying for a way that it didn’t end like how it appeared to end. The Affair was so super good this week and I love that Helen is finally a little bit of a trainwreck, showing the effects of everything. The episode of Homeland KILLED IT for me, like circa season 1 of Homeland. It was soooo good! And I definitely think we will get the romantic connection we’re hoping for. I still have to catch up on Empire. I do not like the Grey’s storyline. Whomp whomp.

7. 21 little know facts about The West Wing. aka one of the best shows ever.

8. Unicorn emoji. Life = made.

9. So are you dressing up this weekend?! What are you going to be?