tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Um, I didn’t even realize that Starbucks red cups had designs on them? I thought they were always just plain red cups so that shows how observant I am.

2. On that note, if you don’t really care for eggnog but like eggnog ice cream (this is real), try the iced eggnog latte. Last year I discovered it ONE DAY before the season was over, so I’m getting my fill in now.

3. Say it with me: double frosted salted caramel mocha cake. WHAT.

4. This is just how far off the deep end I am going: I really want to get Christmas bedding. And couch pillows. I don’t think this will be feasible until I’m, like, 55 years old or something. But having Max is sending me down the decorating vortex. 

5. Okay, so nearly every morning, we have birds CRASH into our kitchen windows. I’m thinking the way the sun rises, they see a reflection of the sky or something, and fly into it? This has been happening since we moved in and shockingly, the birds never fall or die, but the moral of this pointless story is that they crash SO loud and hard that it scares the heck out of me. Almost every day. I think the world is ending.

6. These sleepover rituals from the 80s and 90s? Spot on.

7. WTF with the Walking Dead. I can’t with this storyline. I just can’t. GAHHHHH. Freaking over The Affair because it’s just so so so good and um, hello, I really want Noah back with his family… And Homeland! Saul is such a bad ass.

8. I’m just wondering if we can kind of sort of maybe not ever have a national “whatever-food” day, like ever again? I’ll probably still exploit it all over instagram though, don’t worry.

9. How to do it all. YES YES YES.