tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This pumpkin pie with speculoos cookie crust. HOW CAN I.

2. Last week I found an empty egg carton in the fridge. The worst of it was that it was UNDER two other egg cartons, both half full. I want to blame Eddie buuuuuut I’m pretty sure it might have been me.

3. My goal for now until the end of the year is to put on a holiday movie every night. I’ve fallen overboard and am drowning.

4. This update to the Alanis lyrics was the best thing I watched last week. I could not fight the giggles. Also, Jagged Little Pill was my first CD ever! Like ever ever. What was yours?

5. Twice over the weekend I went to Target just to walk through the Christmas portion of the store. Once with Max and once… without. Can I move in? How and why do I love everything they do so much? What does it take to get on their creative/marketing/brainstorming team? I think you have to have ESP or something.

6. THE AFFAIR!! oh my gosh. I cannot take it. The ending was SO so so good. I hope this show never jumps the shark. Tell me what you think! I was also freaking over Homeland and thought it was back to season one status of excellence. Well, almost. Eeeeep Carrie. I’m getting really bored of the single character episodes on Walking Dead, but I feel like they always play it this way?

7. 21 things life is too short for not to do. Honestly, my biggest thrill was that this is categorized under “chicken nuggets.” Whaaat.

8. If you could only eat ONE thanksgiving dish, what would it be? That’s a darn hard question.

9. Today my friend Laurie’s book comes out and she has the BEST recipes. Def gonna be a winner. Pick it up!