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It’s finally cold and sort of snowy! Ew, I know, so cliche and what a snoozefest to talk about the weather but we all secretly kind of hope for a white Christmas, right?! Whomp whomp, not going to happen here because it’s going back up to 60. I hate it.

What are you up to?! Are you ridiculously excited for next week? Done with shopping? I am going to do a bunch of wrapping today. And a bunch of shopping. And maybe a bunch of drinking. Oh and yesterday I made about 10 different cookie doughs and need to bake them off. As an update to my list, I made LEMON CRINKLE COOKIES. I’d like to faceplant into a batch of them. Be sure to follow along on instagram and snapchat for weekend behind the scenes.

Um, also! Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Bread. I’m showing you how to do it in a video on facebook!

Over on the baby page, I shared Max’s one year update and our current baby favorites, in case you need some gift ideas.


my face is melting over these chicken and waffle sliders. i don’t know if i’ve ever wanted anything more.

gingersnap chocolate bark?! this is too gorgeous.

this recipe covers nearly everything that i love: mustard devil eggs with crispy chicken skin. crying.

this creamy white bean tomato soup is exactly what i’ll be craving after christmas cookies.

holy adorable: ampersandwich cookies. and the flavor is awesome too.

i die at drake on cake.

coconut oil gingerbread men! i kid you not.

i very much wish that i had enough patience to make this DIY wooden bead garland.

a tie dye yule log cake. why is she always in my brain?

while i reeeeally just want to drink a bottle of red wine, i don’t mind braising my short ribs in it.

things i don’t hate: pretzel crust brownie pie. please oh please.

100% making some freaking pomegranate manhattans! omg.

hot buttered rum poundcake exists. thank you universe.