one year baby favorites I

Hi! Here are the things we are absolutely nutty over right now at 12 months. For previous favorites (and lots of gift ideas!), check out our six weekten week, six month and nine month favorites.

the Zara leggings/pants. I know I’ve mentioned these multiple times but they are our absolute FAVORITES. As in, almost every single day Max wears a pair (or two). The feel, the wear, it’s just great. I find that the quality of some Carter’s clothes looks awful after washing (even on gentle!) and these are wonderful quality for the price. Adore.

this Fast Table Chair. My friend gave me this for our baby shower after she loved it so much – and we love it too. We’ve been using it since we went on vacation this summer, but now I leave it at my parents’ house or in the back of the car and use it constantly. It’s the perfect height and works much better than restaurant high chairs.

Hanna Anderson PJs. these are so super soft and stretchy and wonderful. I’ve heard they really stretch and grow as the babe grows too? Now that Max is walking, we like PJs without feet, even if it’s just for hanging out at home. Love these so much.

My First Chair. We have this in our family room for Max, and while he started climbing all over it around six or seven months, he’s finally starting to actually SIT in it! It’s such a nice size, super light and soft and I love that he has his own little seat at his height.

My First Play Table and Chairs. On that same note, this was what Eddie and I gave Max for his birthday. Um, I am obsessed with this. I cannot say enough good things. It’s a wonderful height, perfect size, has a great surface – Max loves having something to stand at and bang on other than our coffee table! Only thing is that he drags the chairs all over the house, but other than that, we love it. We got the white one, but I love the navy too.

Water Wipes. These wipes!! They are the best. They are great for diaper changes, obviously, but they are really great for little hands and faces covered in food! Excellent. We use the honest wipes that come in our bundle, but these are what I reach for most often.

Gap red sneakers. Um, no words. We’ve had these in two sizes because we love them so much! They are just so fun and cute.

the Gap +aden anais dream blanket. We have LOVED our dream blanket since day one and I’ve bene itching for another (um, I want one in my own size, too!) – and this colorful stripe one is so cute. So excited we have another now. Max adores these and they are great for the stroller now that it’s chilly out.

Munchkin snack catcher cups. I love these for when we travel, go shopping, head out to eat – everything. I fill them with cheddar bunnies or happy baby puffs and Max loves sticking his hand in there to get treats.

Henley one pieces. This is one thing from Carter’s that we LOVE – these adorable henley onesies. Max has been living in them since September.

Mini blueberry waffles. This is a repeat favorite, but Max is still crazy over these. Now I spread them with PB&J and he goes crazy for them!

Burt’s Bees PJ set. These were a Target find and well, now we’ve bought three sets of them. They are so soft and now that we are venturing into two pieces, these are great. I think they work well as little play outfits too.

The Mommy Hook. This is more for moms. It snaps right on to the stroller and you can hook your bags on it while shopping. Lifesaver! Also a fun gift for a new mom… who feels like she may never leave the house again.

Freshly Picked Moccasins. I didn’t want to give into the hype of these. I bought a neon pair before Max was even born because I was obsessed with the idea and I’m a marketer’s dream. But! Now that he is walking, these are so great – super soft, easy to put on, don’t leave any marks on his little legs or feet, he can run all around in them. The price tag stinks, but I still love ’em. Max also loves to carry these around. I have no idea what the fascination is for him.

Jellycat stuffed animals. Preferably the giraffe, which Max and I have named Ginger – the giraffe. He laughs so hard every time I say ginger the giraffe! These are the SOFTEST stuffed animals I’ve ever come across.

And with that – the Jellycat books! These are his absolutely favorite books. Everyday.

Tell me, tell me, what baby things are you loving right now?