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Oooh ooh ooh goals! One of my favorite things. I’ve never been stuck on resolutions, because I love setting goals all the time, any time. In the middle of a random month, on a Tuesday afternoon, or even January 22nd. You know, whenever.

Last year, I didn’t set any goals other than surviving life with a newborn. Max was only two weeks old come 2015 and I wanted to take the time to ease into our new life. I knew I was lucky enough to spend time at home with him and enjoy him and snuggle the heck out of him. And that I did. I had done enough work in the fall to simply do computer work until March 2015, which was fantastic and really allowed me to bond with him. Plus the snuggles. Oh the snuggles.

After that first quarter is when I started feeling slightly back to normal, but if you ever read my baby updates, you’ll know that I didn’t REALLY feel back to myself until just recently. Um, and I mean like last week. I’m not joking.

And it’s definitely my NEW self. Not the old self. So – new goals!

I always break down my goals (professional, relationships, family, big dreams, etc) and have done so since getting my first Day Designer a few years ago. These are just a handful of the personal ones I’m focusing on right now (like right NOW! why wait until January 1?) and figured I’d share. And maybe discuss more down the line.


The biggest one? I plan on getting back to sharing more here on the blog – specifically on crumbs, more personal stuff, more photos, more thoughts, more than just my annoying tuesday rambles. I don’t know why, but sometimes I end up shutting myself down and censoring. This past year it’s truly just been lack of time, and then more time would pass and then I’d be super busy with something else and it would be put on the back burner. No more, no more! That’s why I started the blog and it’s perhaps the BIGGEST reason I adore blogging so much.

Hold me to it!

I want, wait no… scratch that. I NEED to journal more. I am absolutely obsessed with the journaling prompts by life captured inc and I feel like they have changed my life. I’ve journaled and randomly written all my life, but would randomly drop off on days that it felt there wasn’t much to write about. I love that this prompts you so everyday, there is SOMETHING to write about, something to guide you.

This is also where I think I’ll use my bullet journal the most – for actual, well… journaling! Along with lists and goals and all that jazz so we no longer have random scraps of paper all over our house.

Seriously, Eddie wants to lose it.

On top of the journaling, and another thing I’m planning on using the bullet journal for, is a daily gratitude list. Just a few words, a sentence or two. Since Max was born, I’ve had this one line a day book but haven’t been consistent. Gratiture journal, here I come.

[p.s. if you are interested in more bullet journal and inspiration, you have to check out boho berry! obsessed.]

Next? More yoga! Or should I say, just yoga in general. Ooomph. Long gone are the days that I used to spend two hours, six days a week doing hot yoga (thoooose were the days!) because now my time is a bit more precious and I have more things to fit in. For me, yoga is a mental health thing just as much as a physical health thing, and I need it to feel good. My body and mind crave it. I feel ten billion times better all around, mentally, physically and emotionally when I get that session in.

It’s a tricky commitment for me to make because like everyone else, nap time is when I need to get a million things done, so I must pick and choose. Luckily, Max is pretty cool when I want to work out (turbofire is still my workout of choice, along with some free weights!) and will play near me, but meditating yoga poses on the floor are a whole other story.

My game plan is to try to get in three or four videos (from Adriene!) a week plus one studio visit if I can. I’ve only heard awesome things about her yoga videos and think it’s manageable since it’s on the internets and stuff. Can’t I just build my own hot yoga studio? Steam shower studio, maybe?

Finally, in what is one of the more ridiculous sounding goals from someone who has been blogging for seven years, I want to step up my photography game. Not food photography – if you’ve been following along then you know that is my least favorite part of this process! – but life and personal everyday photography. I want to be more intentional with my camera and capturing everyday moments of Max, without feeling like I’m stuck behind a camera the entire time. You know? How do I do that? Telllll me.

And I want to print some of those photos and do something with them, like something other than keep them shoved in a shutterfly box that’s been sitting on my dresser for five months. Real life. (Maybe more life captured inc projects here?!)

I’m not a scrapbook girl but I want to easily be able to access photos and have Max access them too, tangible, hold-in-your-hands pics. For sure.

Annnd that’s a wrap. What are your goals for 2016 or just any goals in general that you are focusing on right now? Let’s talk about it!