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Um, I did some damage this month beautywise… when one who is stuck in the house for three months finds her way into a sephora, and then an ulta, oomph. I’ve tried so many things that I really LOVE. It’s been awesome.

Most importantly though, let’s discuss how dry shampoo is a new mom’s life saver. I still really love that dior cheek glow that I bought over the holidays, even though it seems that I have some blush issues below. Oh oh oh and! I haven’t been using the kenra blow dry spray as consistently as usual since I haven’t dried my hair in, um, three months – BUT! I’ve dried it a bunch lately and my love for the blow dry spray is revived. Still cuts my dry time in half. And the glam glow hydrate mask is my life at the moment. I’m currently sitting in a hotel room and BROUGHT IT WITH ME – that’s how much it is saving my skin. And the origins bubble bath from last month! SO good.

Okay now on to the last 28ish days.

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tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The highlight of the next two weeks of my life is dyeing easter eggs. I am not even kidding. LOVE.IT.

2. Freaking flipping over these cornmeal waffles with fried chicken. OMG.

3. As I mentioned yesterday, I did join snapchat over the weekend (as howsweeteats) and it literally took me all day to figure it out. I was staring at the screen like… wha.. how…? Having no idea what to touch. Well, I somewhat figured it out and shared a cherry chia smoothie on there this morning! Because now I think I’m cool. Is this app meant for 12 year olds who know technology?

4. You know how they say don’t go to the grocery store hungry? I went to the grocery store hungry.

5. Been wanting to try bulletproof coffee but tell me… do I need to buy the beans? They say I have to buy the beans. I don’t want to buy the beans. Too lazy to buy the beans.

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tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m very Irish and Eddie is even more Irish but I don’t love Irish food. Do you love Irish food? I am dying to go to Ireland though. And no,...

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How are these vegan cookie dough fudgesicles real? They must appear in my life ASAP. 2. So Eddie still uses his old Blackberry as an alarm clock (don’t ask) and...

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These dark chocolate key lime pie truffles. WHAT. Dying. I’m still in serious citrus lust. 2. Have you seen the first released Jem photo? GAH. 3. You probably shouldn’t spread your...

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Here’s what I’m loving in February – tell me your favorites below! Skillet pizzas, but in a different way! Instead of the cast iron skillet method (which is the best, but...

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Hi Feb! Ruary. Whomp whomp. Real life: it’s like negative 54 degrees here and we are still hibernating. We’ve ventured out a few more times, I’ve had some work commitments out...