Hi hi. Let’s take a little trip!

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I spent the majority of last week in NYC for book things where I was mostly sweating my face off but having an excellent yet busy time.

The first order of business was obviously:

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Tuesday Things.

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1. Seriously craving this peach, beet and burrata salad with candied pistachios. THAT is a salad.

2. I’m finally getting in fall mode a bit, though I will say with traveling it’s been weird. And given that a few months ago Eddie decided to boycott the NFL with all their crap going on, sunday football isn’t even happening. Good thing I have ALL the fall candles to burn when I’m home.

3. Why do I have to want all the home things from anthropologie? It’s like they purposely try to ruin my life.

4. This might be the funniest instagram photo I’ve ever seen.

5. Can we talk about how texting is ruining our lives? My cousin sent me this yesterday and it’s so true and I’m the biggest texting offender ever. Like please don’t ever call me unless it’s an emergency of massive proportions.

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The last week has sort of been a whirlwind but at the same time, last week seems like YEARS ago. Last Tuesday, the day that Seriously Delish was released, I went...

Tuesday Things.

Tuesday Things.

1. I learned the hard way that Eddie broke the top off of our salt grinder. I was adding some sea salt to the above cookie dough mixture when the lid...

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

Tuesday Things.

1. With a few fabulous weeks of corn of the cob left… it HAS to be made these ways. Can you say brown sugar and cayenne and butter butter butter? 2....

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I have a ridiculous amount of favorites this month – especially FOOD favorites! For the first time in six months I finally have an appetite, and while it’s not quite what...

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It’s my favorite time!! Even more so because it’s almost fall and I seriously flip over fall colors and shades and all things makeup. I can’t wait to break out some...