I caaaaan’t believe it’s October! Insert typical time-is-flying comment here.

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This last month I still had a bunch of traveling to do so I didn’t change up my makeup a ton from day to day – I pretty much had my bag packed and this is everything I was using allllll month. I’m excited to be home for the most part now and that I can switch up colors more often and wear dark and crazy fall shades.

Most of the things I was using last month have stayed in my routine, with the exception of swapping out an eyeshadow palette. I’m at the very tail end of my jo malone ginger biscuit cologne (which was limited edition – WAH!). I am still loving the batiste plumping powder and it’s been completely awesome since I’ve actually had to “do my hair” like everyday.

I was a bit sidetracked here and forgot to include nail polish, but I am still crazy over essie for the twill of it. I’m all over classics like essie wicked and OPI lincoln park after dark – basically the darker the better. Does anyone remember OPI black tie optional? UGH, I loved that shade. I really want to get this pretty sephora formula x shade in the next few weeks for the holiday season. Other than that, let’s talk makeup!

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on life lately.


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I can’t get over this glitter pumpkin! It’s from Z Gallerie… I did not make this. You know I can’t craft to save my life. We don’t have much fall décor aside from some pumpkins outside, but this glitter pumpkin makes up for all that, obviously. And a generous amount of autumn candles. Is there a gene that makes you a basic candle lover? How does that work?

I most definitely have it.

Anyhoo, this is what I’ve been doing with my little life lately.

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Tuesday Things.

1. Have you ever seen such perfection as these neon sprinkles? Neither have I. 2. I want nothing more in life than this apple crisp ice cream. 3. It was time...


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Tuesday Things.

1. Dinner tonight? This butternut squash walnut and sage pasta. Clearly my squash sitch is out of control. 2. Last week I went to Target to buy my favorite childhood cereal...

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Soooo I went to put this post together and realized that I BARELY TOOK ANY PHOTOS last week! Maybe that’s a good thing and means I was enjoyed the moment(s)? I...

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Tuesday Things.

1. This grilled cheese bloody caesar. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. 2. The worst thing ever happened on Sunday. We went to get some outside autumn decor and as we were driving...