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Things I’m going crazy over this month:

Infused waters. I’ve always loved adding fruit and herbs to water to make it all fancy and stuff (I have a few of my favorite combos in my book), but I am consuming so.much.water. right now since I’m nursing that it’s crazy. Throwing some mint and lemons in a pitcher makes me feel like summer is super close even though it’s 39 degrees out right now. Also, many of you have asked about this pitcher – it’s from Target, of course. It’s like half pitcher, half water bottle. I love the size.

As for music, every weekend we still blast our mini Max playlist that I talked about last month. I also can’t stop listening to Andy Grammer’s Honey, I’m Good and Little Big Town’s Girl Crush. Annnnd Eddie seriously plays almost every song from The Cadillac Three (especially White Lightning) every single day. Seriously.

This evolution fresh organic grapefruit juice. I love love love grapefruit so much. I may even go as far to say that it’s my favorite fruit? Anyhoo. I’ve really enjoyed having some of these bottles (I find mine at whole foods) in my fridge. I usually don’t drink a full bottle at once, but I like being able to pour a glass in the morning or afternoon. I also die over their pineapple coconut water. And I want to try the avocado greens but haven’t found it yet.

The Sweetapolita Bakebook. GUYS. This is like unicorn heaven. The colors, the desserts, everything. Yes, this is my friend Rosie’s book and yes, I was sent it for doing a blurb, but I would buy it myself in an instant. Actually I already bought a copy for a gift. It’s SO gorgeous. Annnnd I’m going to share my take on one of her incredible recipes soon. It’s displayed in my kitchen, it’s THAT cute.

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1. I soooo want to go on a spring/summer wardrobe binge. Have you done this yet? Right now I’m fantasizing over this skirt with a sleeveless soft denim shirt that I have. Eeeeep. And neon heels. Duh.

2. Guess what’s for dinner! This tomato and egg breakfast pizza. Adding bacon?

3. Speaker phone. What are your thoughts on it? I think it’s a rude way to communicate, the connection is always terrible and unless you’re doing something crazy like driving or have three kids hanging off of you, I’m not a fan. My husband talks on speaker phone ALL THE TIME. No one can ever hear him, the sentences cut out… it’s like pet peeve number one over here right now. So he is constantly calling me on speaker just to annoy me.

4. I burnt an entire batch of cupcakes over the weekend – like 24 of them. Didn’t realize it until I could SMELL the burnt batter. Did I make a second batch? Of course.

5. Last week it was the s’mores frappuccino and now Starbucks has a COOKIE STRAW. Why do they hate me?

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april beauty-2

Oh hi. I’m going to be a terrible example this month. Let’s talk about how I went crazy with face stuff! Eeeeep. I tried two tinted moisturizers/BB creams, both of which...

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tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have embarrassingly been using way too may freaking smiley faces in my texts and comment responses. Like not even an emoji. Like an actual “:)” – have I reverted...