Tuesday Things.

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1. Dinner tonight? This butternut squash walnut and sage pasta. Clearly my squash sitch is out of control.

2. Last week I went to Target to buy my favorite childhood cereal – Oh’s!, please tell me you know exactly what I’m talking about – and the cashier that checked me out was a boy who was probably only 16 or 17. He looked at them and goes “hmmm… I’ve never seen this before, is it new?” I wanted to be like NO I WAS EATING IT BEFORE YOU WERE BORN! Wah. Sidebar: remember apple cinnamon Oh’s!?

3. Here is another truly incredible post by Andrea on what she learned losing weight the second time around. It resonated with me on so many other levels though – on procrastination and not facing fears. She is my Oprah. I am not kidding.

4. You know how last week there was that bee in my car? Well, I’m obviously still convinced it’s in the car somewhere waiting to pounce on me but yesterday there was one flying around my head IN THE HOUSE while I was working. Pretty much just need to move out now. It took me about four hours to kill it and I wasted four hours of my day having anxiety over a BUG. I am an imbecile.

5. Eddie is having a pizza crisis. Ever since we moved he can’t find delivery/take-out pizza that he likes, so he’s ordering from places far away and driving to pick it up. It is a serious issue that he is seriously upset about.

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Soooo I went to put this post together and realized that I BARELY TOOK ANY PHOTOS last week! Maybe that’s a good thing and means I was enjoyed the moment(s)? I hope.

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First, let’s back up. Since I’ve told everyone with a 10 mile radius around me, two weeks ago or so I must have had some crazy pregnancy hormonal surge and turned into a complete nutcase. Like not-even-recognizing-myself nutcase. I mean, yes, normally I am a version of a nutcase. My normal = nutcase. But this was like a whole new side of nutcase. read more

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

Tuesday Things.

1. This grilled cheese bloody caesar. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. 2. The worst thing ever happened on Sunday. We went to get some outside autumn decor and as we were driving...

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Things I am doing right this very second: sitting in a hotel bed in Seattle (it’s really comfy) because I set my alarm for east coast time since I’m a freak....

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1. So crazy intrigued by this vegan mexican layer dip. Craving it badly. 2. I mentioned this on facebook last week, but I saw that Pizza Hut is bringing back BOOK...

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Uh, it may be cliche, but can I say YOU? The love that you’ve given me over Seriously Delish and the blast that I’ve had meeting you since Septmber 2nd has...

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

Tuesday Things.

1. My car AC is punking me. It’s supposed to be cool out but it’s like 80 degrees, and it just decided to stop working. While I’m sitting in traffic in...