holiday stocking stuffer gift guide (under $25!!) I

I’m back, I’m back! These are some of my most favorite things for stockings, hostess gifts, small fries and what not. I just have to ask: have you SEEN the Target holiday section of food and stocking gifts yet? It’s absolutely fantastic so you can click the X up there and just head on out to those aisles and I’ll agree with you. ALSO. Restoration Hardware has some awesome stocking stuffers this year too, so there’s that. Tell me what your faves are below!

1. Pinrose Perfume Petals. I am absolutely NUTTY over these. I found them at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and while I think they are a fabulous idea for anyone, the mom in me loves them since I rarely put on perfume until we are near our destination or in the car. Love love love.

2. Wigle Organic Bitters. For the cocktail lover.

3. Starbucks tumblers and mugs. Absolutely going CRAZY over all the options this year. I love their tallest tumblers with straws for water with lemon.

4. Wooden airplanes. These are a fun and goofy gift, but I stick a few in Eddie’s stocking every year and they make for a couple hours of entertainment that you forget about until the next year. Only suggestion: buy multiples because they do break fairly quickly.

5. Mini Moleskine notebooks. It’s no secret that I’m a notebook junkie. Target always has the cutest options but I’ve been a moleskin lover for years. The different sizes and colors are great.

6. Secret Garden coloring book. I definitely was NOT the person who ever thought I could get into the whole adult coloring book phenomenon, but wow… I’m kind of hooked. It is super relaxing as long as you choose a book that isn’t intimidating. The secret garden is my fave!

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Tuesday Things.

tuesday things I

1. These double chocolate creme fraiche cupcakes are KILLING ME today. Oooomph.

2. I have the craziest phobia of falling down the steps. Is this a real thing? I also have a phobia of other people falling down steps. Maybe it’s the height thing?

3. Kristen has me obsessed with the idea of bullet journaling. I have no idea how I would find the time to do this, but as fanatic I am about pens, paper and doodling, it might be a good way to reset/recharge in the morning or evening and help the work/life balance that I soooo don’t have going on. Have you tried this?

4. Can we talk about how much I’m dying over the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay collaboration? I haven’t caved yet but eeeep I love her so much. PLUS since she has been Eddie’s crush for 20 years, I think that justifies any purchase.

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tuesday things I

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tuesday things I

Tuesday Things.

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