Tuesday Things.

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1. See that? It’s a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CONE! Know what? It was just kind of… meh. I didn’t love it. I prefer regular old sugar or waffle cones. True life.

2. Since it’s Tuesday I think we need a cotton candy old fashioned. What what.

3. Important question: why do BLTs hurt my mouth? Like the roof of my mouth. Is it the toast plus the bacon? Whyyyyy.

4. Is it just me or is the pumpkin spice latte late this year? I mean, I’m not complaining – I’m just shocked. The past few years hasn’t it been released at the end of August? Does this mean the universe will stop pushing ahead seasons and holidays?!

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Heyayaya! Hi. Hello. Let’s be product junkies and talk about it.

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While on vaca last month, I had a few staples that I loved: the sun bum suncreen, the sum bum face stick and chapstick (has anyone tried their hair products?), these first aid beauty travel packets and the ole henriksen cleansing cloths in the travel size. I also took a travel tarteguard sunscreen and am still using that daily on my face. Love it!

Also, I am still SO LOVING (!!!!!) this sephora formula X erase cuticle cream but I can’t find it on the website!! Whyyyyy. I hope it’s not being discontinued. Maybe they are just repackaging it? It’s more expensive on amazon so that scares me. In stores, I believe it is $15. WAH.

The other thing I’ve been blowing through this month are my go-to macadamia oil repair masque and healing oil treatment for my ends. Yes, I found it at TJ Maxx cheaper, but I’m pretty sure this line is also being repackaged (I saw it in Ulta), so I found it on clearance too. My hair is just so wrecked from pregnancy. Please tell me it will return. I’ve even been SO GOOD (read: I have zero time) and rarely blowing drying it or using heat. Whomp whomp.

Anyhoo, on to happier things – my loves this month!

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tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Ummmm how cute is this triple stack donut cake? I want it in chocolate fudge. 2. In the most shocking turn of events in 2015, Eddie has started drinking smoothies...

MICH 2015-31

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Does your car clock speed up? I swear, the clock in my vehicle speeds up constantly. I switch it to the correct time and as the weeks progress, it gets...

MICH 2015-4-2

My my how times have changed. There was a point where I used to upload vacation photos to the blog while I was still on vacation! Remember?! I bet you might....

tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s that time of the year where I have to remember not to go crazy on buying school supplies considering that I, um, DON’T NEED THEM. But they are so...