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I seriously can’t believe that I’m a little over halfway in this whole pregnancy thing…  Not really sure if I can describe how I feel physically – I don’t feel like myself but I totally feel like myself. I don’t feel amazing and wonderful but I don’t feel terrible or bad by any means. I feel normal and good and like me but not like me? It is so odd. I cannot explain it!

I can thankfully still move around easily and exercise and stuff. But I totally notice some out-of-breath feelings when I walk up the steps or go for a walk with someone other than just myself. We had our anatomy ultrasound and didn’t even peek when it was possible to determine it’s boy or girlness. It’s still going to be a complete surprise.


These are the things that I’ve been L.O.V.I.N.G. the past twenty plus weeks. Twenty weeks sounds like for-ev-ER.

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I feel like a normal human.

For many weeks writing anything on Wednesdays was a complete nightmare. Coupled with the fact that I didn’t have much to talk about along with being petrified that I’d spill the beans about the baby accidentally on purpose, I felt like there was a zipper on my lips. Remember this post? HAHAHAHA. So awful. Most people in my life were like yeah… that’s probably the worst thing you’ve ever posted in five years. Agree agree.

And that post certainly doesn’t help the fact that I still struggle with (read: loathe) everything I do or make or create after I do or make or create it. So much second hand embarrassment for that.

I’ve been insanely nervous to talk about real life things because – personally? I had no interest in reading ANYTHING pregnancy related before I got pregnant. It’s just the truth. But the problem for me is that most of my posts – food and not – revolve around my real daily life and all that jazz. I’m like… am I supposed to write faux junk about my annoying life? Cannot do.

So! Things lately:

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1. In a weird turn of events, while the summer feels like it’s FLYING by it’s also passing as slowly as possible. Is this a thing? 2. Completely losing my mind...

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So. I barely cooked dinner for four months. For four months, I scraped together whatever I could for dinner that required no participation in dinner. This means that twice a week...

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1. I’m losing at the froyo game. I can’t keep up. 2. This brownie batter spread is happening in my life today. GAH. 3. Last week Eddie woke up and swore...

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1. Hmmm. So here’s what happened. I had no idea I was pregnant and for multiple TMI reasons, definitely didn’t think there was any way I could be. After a week...

tuesday things I

1. I ate caprese salad for breakfast. With toast, so kind of like breakfast? I think this takes my obsession to a whole new level. The tomatoes are getting GOOD. 2....