tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Definitely thought my world had imploded over the weekend when I put in my contacts… only to realize I had not taken the previous pair of contacts out of my eyes. It took me over five minutes to figure out what was happening.

2. How totally awesome is this caramel corn and rice krispie treat mix?! SO making it.

3. Our area is involved in the weirdo weather with it being, like, 70 degrees in December and I’m trying not to meltdown because this is the ONLY month that I really love snow and cold. I don’t want it after January 1st. You know this means it’s going to snow until April.

4. We had the most massive gingerbread house fail on Thursday night. We used the same kit we’ve used in the past (no I could never bake my own, ever ever) and it was a disaster with a capital D. Threw it out after ten minutes. That’s never happened before.

5. How not to miss your life. Love this.

6. Um, first up, and most importantly, we must discuss the fabulousness that is Joshua Jackson and his very Pacey Witter-esque behavior on The Affair on Sunday. I love to love him! And are they turning me against Allison now? Because it kinda feels like it. Also, I want more Helen. And Homeland! HOW are they going to wrap this up next week? It’s way too much. I would like to get to a point though where it’s not always a complete shock that Carrie is right about something and no one else believes her.

7. So we have a jacuzzi-like bathtub with jets. And let me just say that I’ve NEVER been a bath person, but I’ve been slightly converted over the last year – it is seriously relaxing. BUT. My major issue is that I’m scared to death that something is going to come out of the jets when I’m sitting in the tub. What exactly? I’ll give you a list that is not limited to these things: spiders, snakes, ants, mice (?), leeches, eels, spiders, wasps, birds and spiders. And sneak up on me in the bath. Tell me: is this a possibility?

8. I always always want to know more about Leo.

9. P.S. if you are local and need a Christmas give for a foodie lover, I’m teaching a meal prep class in early January.

10. P.P.S. giving away FIVE copies of Seriously Delish over on instagram! Get it get it.