tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It might be okay if I never see another cookie again. Or at least for around 24ish hours?

2. Except maybe not, because I definitely am thinking of making these leftover cookies tonight. Look at those!

3. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but also: Target. We need to take a big break, because I was Targeted out this last week.

4. Super excited to set up my new Day Designed for 2016, BUT I’ve also been really into bullet journaling! I had already bought the Day Designer months ago before I learned about bullet journaling… and I want to find a way that I can use both without spending an excessive and unnecessary time doing planning things. I don’t have time to do stuff with stickers or decorate a planner, but I love the journal and writing part of the bullet – so HOW do I make this work?!

5. How much is your time worth? This is crazy.

6. I’m still reeling over the ending of The Affair, but in the meantime, last night Eddie and I started Makings of a Murderer on Netflix. WHOA. It is so fascinating and addicting. We are super hooked! Also, kind of looking forward to GIRLS this season? Oddly enough. And Showtime has been re-airing episodes of Dexter, so I’ve been watching that too.

7. 22 things to stop doing in 2016 (and what to do instead!).

8. What are your New Years plans? Mine include the couch, like always. I’d rather do almost anything else than leave the house on NYE.

9. P.S. I created this spread of good luck foods for Crate and Barrel. Are you superstitious? I make my own rules and only am occasionally.

10. It is super DARK and gloomy here and this whole week just feels off. Lots of holidaying, I’m still full from Christmas dinner and can’t I just stay in bed until 9 and then watch movies all day?