Here we are, back again. Best time of the month!

december beauty favorites I

Oh my word do I loooooove beauty products this time of year. The colors, the shades, the gift sets! I can’t get enough. That sephora aisle of doom just kills me. Doesn’t it keep getting better and better?

So. I don’t have a ton of favorites this month because I wore a bunch of the same stuff. Truly, with all the hustle and bustle and rush of the season, I had my routine down pat and wasn’t trying much of anything new or fancy. Quick and easy neutrals on my eyes, tons of mascara and bright or dark lips. I’ve used more dry shampoo than should be allowed. It’s been a little more on the “boring” side for me since I prefer to switch things up, but I don’t have the time at the moment and find the bright lip colors make me look SO much more awake.

Let’s talk faves.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Repeat offender but oh so good! Like so good that I’ve even been using it on my bare skin. This is absolutely incredible and I love that it can give me a dewy glow in winter. It’s not cold here yet but I think this will be even better once it gets snowy.

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette. I totally caved. I *think* that this is the only palette I ended up buying in 2015, and I just couldn’t help it. Urban Decay makes my favorite eyeshadow formula (nothing is as smooth!) and I have a long love of Gwen. I watched a few tutorials and read a bunch of reviews, and I ended up REALLY loving this mix of colors. I’ve been wearing only this for the last few weeks and I really love it.

december beauty favorites I

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Primer. A few of you mentioned that I should try this with some of my favorite matte (and more drying) lip colors and oh my gosh – it’s perfect!! It works so well my MAC and urban decay mattes, it takes away any dryness and makes the wear more comfortable. Probably the best thing I found in December!

MAC Relentlessly Red. I KNOW. I talk about this incessantly. I have deemed it my signature color.

Clinique Lip Pop in Punch Pop. Not only do I love this shade but this lipstick is so.freaking.comfortable. And it stays on super well.

MAC lip pencils in Cherry and Candy Yum Yum. These are long standing favorites of mine, but what I’m really loving is how both colors are so versatile UNDER bright pinks and reds. I’ve been wearing both under either shade (for instance, Candy Yum Yum under Relentlessly Red) and I love how it changes the tone slightly. These pencils also keep your color on forever. Like you can see the stain on my lips the next day if I don’t remove it with makeup remover.

december beauty favorites I

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom perfume. I realize that 2015 has been the year of perfume flakiness for me. I can’t stop trying a bunch of scents and switching it up. I got this for Christmas so while it’s rather new to be a favorite, I have been obsessed with this scent since early November when my friend Natalie bought me the candle for my birthday. It is SO good. I am currently out of my signature bond no. 9 west side and will probably wait a while before repurchasing just because my perfume stash is getting out of control. Right now I’m switching between this and Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil. Still absolutely loving this and definitely think I can see a change in my skin. So glad I bought it! I am tempted to buy another Power Couple duo since it’s such a good deal for when I run out. But I’m also trying not to be a huge hoarder.

Benefit High Beam. And oldie but goodie. This combined with my tinter moisturizer and topped with the Tatcha mist – ooomph. So much glow and I’m loving it. I’m kind of anxious to try the new matte highlighter? But I want to use more of this first.

december beauty favorites I

Annnd that’s all for now.

What did you get for the holidays? What is on your list? I’m wanting some of the Tarte Tartiest lip paints and I can’t wait to grab one. I also may be looking for a new cleanser – just finished up my Caudalie moisturizing wash. I always use a cleansing oil, but I like to use a cleanser after to remove everything. Best thing you found in December? Ready set go!

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you for being here!}