currently crushing on I


The first crushing on of 2016! I promise not to fill it with kale. I think.

And the first full week is O.VER. Thank goodness. It was a long one, no? How is your life and emotional headspace and everything in between?

What will your weekend be like? I’m filling mine with blood oranges, blood orange syrup and everything that comes along with that like margaritas. And some meal prep on sunday! Just an hour. No more than an hour. It’s a miserable time suck any other way. And then the Golden Globes! I’m so super excited. Make some champagne caramels, trust me.

Let’s talk about how much I am LOVING this post from designlovefest on blogging like it’s 2009. Nearly everything she says in that post I agree with and is why I wrote my resolutions out last week – wanting to get more personal and back to the reason I started doing this thang. You know? Yeah.

Also, tell me if you’ve watched Making a Murderer and if you are still reeling, because I still am.

and then more goods:

the best huevos rancheros i ever did see.

seven books that will change your life. i’ve read some, but adding the rest to my list!

my resolution: make these nutella stuffed brown butter blondies.

my second resolution: make these resolution cookies. they have EVERYTHING.

on wednesday night i made a version of this slow cooker pork and gnocchi and it was SO fab.

holy cow. white russian ice cream what what.

this matcha smoothie is what my dreams are made of. that green!

reallllly trying to do this imperfect 365 (err, 366) project. so far, so good.

almost raw crunchy caramel slice? i’ll do it.

pretty sure i just said this week i was over cookies but here’s a third: salted tahini cookies. i can’t.

cheeseburgers with stout glazed bacon. oooooh.