tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m kind of sad to see no more twinkling Christmas lights but loving the lack of clutter decor. BUT. Now I want to decorate for Valentines Day. What is wrong with me? Have you SEEN all the adorable hearts out there? I’m still blaming Max for my desire to go all out with holidays.

2. These double chocolate sour cream cupcakes are off the charts. Look at that frosting?!

3. Books you have on tap for this month – or this year? I almost signed up for the goodreads challenge again (in 2014 I planned to read one book and week but failed once cookbook/baby stuff started) and am still debating.

4. Getting a bunch of questions about bullet journals, so you have to check out Kristen’s post + video! Mine looks nowhere near as pretty and is just chicken scratch in a notebook, btw. 

5. Last week I mentioned we were watching Making a Murderer. Oh..my..gosh. Well, we finished the next night. Which is HUGE, because Eddie never likes to stay up super late on work nights. Not only did we finish but then he was in bed reading articles on his phone until 2am. Have you watched?! It is insane. We’ve scoured the internets for articles and both find this one to describe our feelings the best. Also, these 29 thoughts have me laughing out loud. They are so true. Oh and we also watched Master of None (in one day, oops) and loved it. Aziz = my boyfriend.

6. Annnnnd on Saturday night we watched Jurassic World and then I had a terrifying dream about a killer monster dinosaur shark. Like actually woke up scared out of my mind. Hi, I’m 12 years old.

7. I know that I always say that I need massive MASSIVE help decorating because my interior/design brain is horrific. Like I would probably paint a wall with neon and glitter and think that it looks great. Soooo I’m thinking maybe I should show you some things and you can help me?

8. Something I’m super excited about now: awards season! Fun fun. And I have SNACKS for you. Just wait.

9. Reminders as we begin the new year. Spot on.