currently crushing on I


Hi! How are you? How are things? IT’S THE WEEKEND. I’m only kind of super excited because Eddie was traveling last week for work and I’m a smidge more exhausted than usual. Props to all you single parents out there. I’m going to sleep haaaaaard tonight. After I scroll through instagram and play on my phone for 72 minutes once I get in bed.

Last night I totally binged on Fuller House and watched the ENTIRE thing. With a margarita. I should probably watch it without a margarita before disclosing my thoughts, other than I’m still crushing on Uncle Jesse. What what.

Also: february beauty favorites! Don’t miss it.

internet goods this week:

whoa whoa whoa. reverse seared steak with garlic butter OMG. these pictures.

how could i ever pass up elvis brownies?

these pearl sugar pretzel waffles… oh my gosh. yes yes.

hibiscus jalapeno pickled veggies. wanting to try these so badly.

ooh ooh this mediterranean 5 grain rainbow salad. so pretty.

black sesame banana bread! craving it.

have no shame about wanting pigs in a blanket.

i very much want to eat all of the chai tiramisu.

loving on this whole grain poppyseed loaf with meyer lemon glaze. so citrusy.

chicken, beat and arugula salad for a lovely lady lunch!

it’s no secret i’m a sucker for all things banana so: banana layer cake.

these montreal bagels look divine.

having to stop myself from making a big batch of these unbelievable double chocolate cookies.

is your oscar ballot printed out?! leeeeooooo.