my favorite thing about last week I

Last week Eddie traveled for work, and while I was slightly intimidated about having Max for eight days all by myself, it was actually pretty wonderful. How is a teeny little human my best friend?!

At random times during the week, Max would point upstairs and start running to the steps, thinking Eddie was up there. They always play together in his room and he loves to chase Eddie upstairs every single day.

When we face-timed (a few times a day, obvs), Max would pick up random toys (a hot wheels monster truck, a batman figure, a ball, even a cheerio) and try to give them to Eddie over the screen. The first time he saw Eddie on screen, he actually started running upstairs because he thought he was up there. Cue cuteness overload.

Last night, we surprised him at the airport and he cried every time Eddie went to put him down. And this morning, he was wide-awake at 6:15, and I’m almost SURE it was because he knew his daddy was home. He wakes up at 7am like clockwork, but this morning he was wide eyed and up, looking around curiously.

Cannot even take the adorableness. I love how he loves him.