tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. My mom made this old school chocolate whipped cream frosted cake over the weekend and it was ridiculously good. Like so ridiculously good that I think it was demolished in 24 hours.

2. Question of the day: how badly can I crave this peanut butter and jelly cookie tart?

3. My ultimate mom fail so far: came home on Saturday night and realized I’d been wearing two different earrings the entire night. Both studs, but one was easily triple the size of the other. HOW?!

4. Do you have a favorite pair of headphones?? Or I should say earbuds. I’m not looking for over-the-ear headphones (I have a pair of Beats) but ones that don’t kill the insides of my ears if I wear them for 30 minutes. Maybe I just have abnormally small ears.

5. Speaking of things that go on your face, I lost my most favorite pair of sunglasses ever ever. I’ve never lost sunglasses before and I know they have to be around here somewhere (unless I left them at lunch one day? WAH.) but it’s making me insane. I’m so boring that I might end up ordering the exact same pair, I love them so much. (< the wildfox catfarer deluxe. love!)

6. My super inspiring friend Nicole started a podcast and you can find my (what I’m sure is horrifically embarrassing) interview here! Listening to your own voice is a special kind of torture.

7. We just watched Billions last night and it’s easily becoming one of my favorite shows. Like The Affair and Homeland worthy. What did you think of this week’s episode? And Super Bowl halftime thoughts? I love Bruno Mars (like, love so much that I still often youtube his first halftime show which in my opinion, was the best EVER) and obviously love Beyonce, and really like Coldplay too… but was fairly underwhelmed? And we all know that I’m one of those people that always loves everything. Worst critic ever. I did love all the neon though. Of course.

8. Always so inspired by Tracy’s weekly meal prep. It’s so REAL and legit.

9. Are you eating anything exceptional for Fat Tuesday? I totally forgot that it was Fat Tuesday until, well, right now! What should I make?!