tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. No matter how organized you are, I truly believe in the power of the kitchen junk drawer.

2. My weekly struggle is that I really want to be classy, but I also want to buy neon hair ties while grocery shopping.

3. This DIY cereal cake?! How, what, where?! Now.

4. How do you listen to a new album that you download (or, um, a CD that you just bought, hello 1999). Do you listen to a few moments of each song all at once, or do you listen to the entire album, no matter how long it takes (even if it’s multiple days before you get through it)? I definitely do the first option in my impatient millennial lifestyle. Eddie does the second.

5. Holy freaking TV this week. Wow wow wow. Billions? SO good. I think Wendy is going to be in trouble though. GIRLS is back, and I love Adam, didn’t get enough Elijah, still felt embarrassed for Hannah and really wanted to do Marnie’s makeup. Also, Ray! My heart breaks. The freaking Walking Dead. OMG. Finally, that ending. I can hardly stand how much I just… loved it. And had waited for it. It was like I got butterflies. See also: I’m a loser.

6. I’ve accidentally on purpose (but mostly accidentally) been using a standing desk (aka, my kitchen counter) and I’m sort of… loving it. It feels GOOD. I seriously feel 62% more productive.

7. Can we talk about my complete freak out after realizing that Dolce Vita has a line at Target this Spring? DV makes some of my favorite shoes ever and I can hardly stand this. Eeeep.

8. 50 of the happiest feelings. How fun.

9. Um, how (in)appropriate would it be to respond to “what number can I call you on?” with “can’t we just do this over email?” I’m the worst.