The grapefruit daiquiri is now my love language.

grapefruit daiqiuris I

Oh boy. Is this delicious. !!!!

I’m at this very weird in between stage where certain friends have kids that are older than Max and other friends don’t have kids at all, and in fact no one around me (like, an old time heart-to-heart friend) has a baby right about Max’s age.

This is very (not-so) important because if you’re attempting to lunch or coffee talk or happy hour with baby in tow, it’s barely a conversation since you’re chasing a little love nugget all over the place. And I’m not about to go to one of those cesspool indoor playgrounds at the mall. I mean, this is my first kid and all. He’s practically wrapped in bubble tape 24/7. Now if baby number two or three or four comes along, it might be an option.

Rather, it might be the only option.

grapefruit daiqiuris I

So quite frankly, if we’re being honest in our circle of trust here, I‘m trying to figure out the perfect warm weather cocktail that I can pour in a pitcher and walk around my neighborhood with in order to gain friends. Yes, I’m begging for friends in my exact same life stage that live right near me so when I need to have a mom meltdown, I can simply walk down the street with a pitcher of rum instead of get in my car and drive to Target. (obviously NOT with rum.)

Target is robbing me of house and home, for pete’s sake. It’s doing wonders for my nail polish collection though.

I mean, I would TOTALLY want to be friends with someone who walked onto my driveway with a pitcher of alcohol. In a non-creepy way of course. It’s 2016 and we need to clarify those things.

grapefruit daiqiuris I

Okay, so maybe I’m not exactly BEGGING for friends in my same life stage, but that’s sort of what it feels like some days, especially on the days where I send video snapchats to my invisible internet friends and try to cheers a daiquiri on the screen.

True life: back in the day, my cousin and I used to try to pass food and drink through the phone. Please tell me you did this. Lacy and I would spend HOURS on the phone (even though we, um, lived ten minutes from each other AND went to school together up through high school…) and in the early years, tried to shove cereal and candy through the phone to each other. I swear to god that to this day, one of phones in my parents’ house has Special K vanilla clusters crusted into the speaker.

And I know what you’re thinking: why is that phone even still in existence? I don’t know. One will never know.

It should also be noted that I call those “real” phones. Real phones, because apparently my iPhone is a fake phone. Riddle me that.

grapefruit daiqiuris I

It’s no secret that I’m a huge (huge!) fan of grapefruit everything. Give me allll the grapefruit things and no one will get hurt. I’ve never been the person who covers their grapefruit in sugar or salt – I love it straight with a (grapefruit) spoon. BUT, I do super love sugary grapefruit treats. Like, DeLallo has these dried candied grapefruit slices? OMG. I die.

Perhaps I should just walk around with a bowl of those to gain friends. It might work better.

I wanted to share a perfect spring cocktail today – something that would work for this Easter weekend if you’re celebrating or something that would just work because, hello – it’s spring! The daiquiri has rum, grapefruit, a splash of lime, some cherry juice (I use these legit maraschino cherries!) and simple syrup – it’s my sweet grapefruit shock.

And we can totally be friends if you make one, sooooooo. There’s that.

grapefruit daiqiuris I

Grapefruit Daiquiris

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  • 2 ounces white rum
  • 2 ounces freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
  • 1 1/2 ounces simple syrup
  • 1 ounce maraschino cherry juice
  • splash of coconut milk, if desired!
  • splash of lime juice
  • splash of selzter
  • cherries for garnish
  • grapefruit wedges for garnish


  • Add the rum, grapefruit juice, syrup, cherry juice, coconut milk and lime juice to a shaker filled with ice. Shake for 30 seconds then pour into a frosty glass. If you’d like some bubbles, splash some seltzer on top! Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit and a few cherries.

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grapefruit daiqiuris I

hippity hop hop!