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Happy weekend! I sort of want to OD on ice cream right about now so that might be plan. It’s coming from my freakish love of cheese, I think. Know why?

Thursday night I did a cooking demo all about CHEESE. Guys, even I might be cheesed out. We made a loaded cheese plate, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheesecake – all the cheeses. It was ridiculous. Even more cheese than that.

What are you up to this weekend?! I have one of my closest friend’s bridal showers and cannot wait. Other than that, I’m thinking of starting the mint juleps EARLY.

P.S. if you missed it, I shared my april beauty favorites earlier this week. Lifestyle faves will be up this weekend!

things on the internet I’m nutty over:

avocado oil mayo. my new most favorite thing ever.

this 5 ingredient no-bake strawberry crumble, hello, come visit my life.

reeeallly want to add these better-than-chipotle bowls to the menu next week.

just look at this toasted coconut chia pudding. the toppings!!

no idea what to do with myself over these tiramisu brownies. OH MY GOSH.

um, strawberries and burrata, it’s all i want to eat forever and ever.

also loving the idea of this creamy baked sausage risotto for our weekly menu.

everyone needs a grapefruit jalapeno margarita. oh heck yes.

short rib cheeseburgers. with bourbon aioli. WHAAAAT.

this flower power brunch is absolutely insane in the best way ever. so many flowers.

i’m completely craving this tuna and fiddlehead salad. isn’t that an odd craving?! no i’m not pregnant and yes i’ve really wanted tuna lately.

DIY bleach tie dye! i dig it.

some of the most stunning cioppino that i ever did see. you have to check that out.

make it today: lemon brioche pull apart bread. boom.