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Welcome to my loves from the past month… and March. I skipped my favorites in March because I was kind of lacking on things I loved, but have a full list for you right here that I’m fully obsessed with. That’s right. I’m bringing back “obsessed.” Sorry.

Let me know what you’re loving on below in the comments!

EMBRACE THE NEON. The Nike Free Transform Flyknit have me wanting a pair in every single shade. I love them so so much and they are comfortable and super cute. But I don’t want to work out in them and actually destroy them. WAH.

Granola! And more specifically, the bear naked cacao cashew butter granola and the blissful eats no nutty chocolate chip granola. I keep eating both like they’re going out of style and putting them on everything. But most frequently: by the handful. So good.

This lariet necklace from luluka. Okay, so I have wanted the high end version of this necklace FOREVER (like over a year) – I even sent a picture of it to Eddie for a gift once before I knew the brand, but he couldn’t find it. Anyhoo, after discovering how much it cost, I just couldn’t bring myself to spent that on such a dainty necklace that I won’t wear everyday because Max will grab it and/or possibly rip it off my neck. So I found this version of etsy and it’s super cute, much more affordable, I get tons of compliments on it and I think it’s great quality. Obsessed.

My Samsung nx300. OMG, I realize that you are probably so sick of hearing about this. But I just took a bunch of video with it today and love it even more for that. I’ve been using it for all of my instagram photos (begrudgingly, but hey, that’s 2016 now) and for all my pictures of Max, because my DSLR is just too heavy to lug around. I also ended up getting another lens for it to make the camera more compact (this 30mm) and while I love it, I do miss the zoom that the kit lens has. I have heard amazing things about the Sony a5100 too. Does anyone have it?!

Grapefruit Shandy. It’s that time of year and this is all I want to drink. It’s so refreshing and super juice-like.

This Rebecca Minkoff mini mac in… wait for it… hologram. This purse has made me myself again. I’ve been a huge fan of the MAC clutch bags for years, in fact I think I talked about one in my first favorites ever. I was hesitant on buying this because I feel that I’m sort of “over” them (I carried one for two years straight and also have a neon one), however crossbody bags are all I’m comfortable using when I have Max with me – so I ordered it and FELL IN LOVE. The moment I saw this bag in person I just about died. It’s stunning. It’s so wacky and wild and everything I love rolled into one. The shine, the hologram, the pink, the purple – I don’t care if I’m 33. I love this.

Jess Lively’s podcast, The Lively Show, but especially the episode with Jasmine Star. Oh my gosh. This episode was so freaking inspiring, motivating and just all around awesome. Loved it. Listened to it twice already.

Trader Joe’s Pickle Popcorn. Does there need to be any explanation for this? Um hello lover. I can’t get enough.

On another snacky note, I’ve been loving these I Heart Keenwah quinoa puffs that I found at my grocery store! Bought them on a whim and these are super good. Sea salt truffle for the win.

Target cashew butter. It’s really flipping good, even though I can make my own. Seriously. Try it.

The Dolce Vita wedges at Target. They are cheap and pretty comfortable for how high they are. You know that every spring I’m in the market for nude wedges and while the tan shade is a bit darker, I’m loving these for casual occasions.

Justin’s white chocolate peanut butter cups. FAVES. I don’t even care for white chocolate and these are phenomenal. I wish they came with a warning label.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. tell me your faves! there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]