tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Chalk definitely counts as part of my stationary obsession. Even if I hate using these because it takes away their shape perfection.

2. Going wild over this glam rock layer cake. HOW FUN.

3. Tell me about the sushi burrito. I really like sushi but it just looks like… too much.

4. I have this totally weird thing where I hate the feeling of drinking out of glass. I need to use a straw or I have to drink out of plastic. Is it only me? Strange sensory things.

5. There is a PINK MACBOOK. I need to drop everything and buy this immedaitely.

6. Technically I’m not watching anything on TV right now besides Nashville, but I support Eddie’s Game of Thrones habit. Even if I have to read full recaps after every episode to understand. As for Nashville, it’s okay but I hate what they are doing with the daughter! And I’m still watching The Catch and just loving it. So fun.

7. Beyonce’s Lemonade. Love? Like? Dislike? Discuss. The drama surrounding it is insane.

8. How to fill 7 moments of wasted time in your day. Adore these. For me, car rides = productivity podcasts.

9. Are you planning a vacation this summer? Share please, where to go.