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WOOHOO for the weekend! I’m so happy you’re here.

What are your plans? I’m thinking about peach mint juleps for this afternoon and maybe a little derby spread. And partay time tomorrow! I’m also plotting my planting plans (what the what?) for this year and gearing up to start soon.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Max and I made a cookie baking video over on Crate and Barrel. Check it out! Baking cookies + videos with a toddler… FUN. Actually, it was super fun. I want to eat him up.

Oh and P.S. f you’re still reeling from a mexican food coma, here’s a video of my caramelized pineapple bacon goat cheese guac to get you through the day.

And don’t forget that I love you THISMUCH! What caught your eye this week?

loving on this week:

so much yes for this spicy thai mint julep.

peanut butter coconut protein bites. i like you!

four words: cardamom pistachio banana bread. so many favorites, together.

these orange raspberry margaritas are so super gorgeous.

these plant power sushi bowls. i want all sushi in a bowl!

a passionfruit cordial? it’s the prettiest.

absolutely loving the idea of these easy flavored homemade finishing salts.

honey cupcakes with chamomile buttercream. cuties.

craving like crazy: shrimp po’boy fries!

cannot even handle these foodie hats for the kentucky derby.

this would be stunning on mother’s day: raspberry elderflower granita.

always wanting a good breakfast sandwich.