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HI and HAPPY SUMMER! I’m officially calling it summer. It’s here. It’s done. After a super busy week, I’m excited for a break this weekend and a bit more planting. I might do a plant “tour” on snapchat, so follow along at howsweeteats!

Also, I’d love if you guys would follow me on Pinterest – it’s the one place where I pin sooo many more things that just food. Style, home, travel and my personal fave… my inspiration board.

Important things! I’m showing you how I make our favorite acai bowls over on Facebook.

I shared my May beauty picks!

And, I’m sharing the MOST incredible donuts over on the Shop Simon blog. They are lavender vanilla! Please take a peek. And a taste.

My faves of the week:

totally making this DIY donut beach umbrella.

whoa whoa whoa: strawberry bruschetta avocado boats.

PB and J donuts. oh my word.

loving on this smoked salmon strawberry zoodle salad.

10 organizing tips that I neeeeeeed in my life.

one stunning hummus salad.

how insanely delicious does this bananas foster affogato look?!

very lovely thai curry soup with sweet potato noodles.

super pretty summer berry pie.

really want to try these eggplant lasagna roll ups.

super quick raspberry ice cream! it’s a thing.

and this macaroni salad with smoked mozzarella. i’m in love.

a stunning orange crush cocktail. let’s do it.