elin hilderbrand x howsweeteats - I developed exclusive recipes for her summer 2016, Here's To Us I howsweeteats.com

UM YES. I just typed out that title.

I have been dying to share this exciting bit of info with you forEVER! In what is perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever personally done, I developed recipes for Elin Hilderbrand’s newest book, Here’s To Us, that comes out today!

This is the closest thing to a dream come true for me, only perhaps behind publishing a novel myself.

If you’ve been reading along for the last seven years then you know what a huge, huge, HUGE fangirl I am of Elin’s writing. Her books are my absolute favorite – I wait almost 364 days for the next one to come out because I always end up finishing her summer novel in 24 to 48 hours. The fact that she started putting out a winter novel pretty much made the second half of the year for me.

When she asked me to develop exclusive recipes for her summer 2016 book, I nearly died. It’s something that is just so close to my heart. If you are a book lover and read to escape, I’m sure you understand the connection that I feel to her stories. They took me through my twenties which was such a huge period of growth and change and I am that person that always feels like characters become friends and authors become inspirations.


You can order her book here or of course, find it anywhere books are sold! And if you read the book and make the recipes, be sure to tag #howsweeteats on instagram and send me a snap!