tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I don’t even want to use the chalk above, it’s so pretty. But it’s not like I can DISPLAY it. Just use it already, right.

2. Have you seen unicorn ice cream?!? All my dreams come true.

3. I know it’s kind of old news right now, but thoughts on Victoria’s Secret no longer selling swimwear and apparel? I haven’t bought anything there in a few years but something about no longer seeing the catalog makes me insanely, sadly nostalgic – in high school I remember getting so excited and picking out a swimsuit each year! Also, I always found that they might have a top or bottom that worked that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Whomp whomp.

4. Absolutely can’t stop listening to (and watching) the Can’t Stop The Feeling Megamix.

5. TV things! I’m not loving (like, not even hate-loving) this season of Mistresses. I’m excited that Nashville got un-cancelled in a way, but also felt like the ship had sailed. Not watching anything else at the moment but I keep watching The Intern on repeat because I live for anything Nancy Meyers writes.

6. Would you believe that I had never made a walking taco before? I remedied that on the fly Friday night, using a BIG bag of chips – and served it for dinner for everyone with forks. New favorite thing ever.

7. I 100% feel like my mom (it’s her birthday today, P.S.!) because my summer world is revolving around my flowers. They are so bright and flourishing and I literally have zero idea what I did this year to make them like this. My succulents, however – that’s another story. How do I save them!?

8. GUYS. The cicadas. Oh my gosh. Okay, so they aren’t near our house, but we went south of the city this weekend and the moment we stepped out of the car, they SWARMED us. As my dad said, they were actually aggressive. Landing all over us – on my neck, legs, in my hair, on our clothes, on Max, in the stroller, dive bombing us and they look like huge gigantic roaches. Yes, I know that they don’t hurt us and yes I know they have been gone for 17 years but I loathe bugs. I am a baby and have a phobia of bugs. It is what it is. I basically haven’t slept since Saturday. My skin is crawling.

9. How to find the work – life balance. Million dollar question.