tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Pesto and pools is the name of the game this summer.

2. I just found what I want to eat everyday for the rest of July: hibiscus yogurt with warm peaches.

3. That time I tried to pay at Target with my Starbucks card. Like, actually put my Starbucks card into the chip reader. Tell me the definition of basic.

4. Did you watch the Olympics gymnastics trials?! I was on edge the entire time. Getting chills with every event. I am so freaking excited for the games! If you’re into it, we need to talk about Marta Karolyi. I also can’t stop youtube-ing all of the floor routines.

5. Last year I was super excited for amazon prime day but thought it was a huge bust. Now that it’s here again, are you into it?

6. It’s almost the best time of the year: school supply season. Only the best time since I don’t have to go. And can buy all the notebooks!

7. The secrets of people who stick to habit changes.

8. Big summer cheese plates: yes or no for it counting as dinner? I say yes, always.

9. Can somebody tell me about this whole Pokemon thing? I’m totally clueless, aka, too lazy to really figure it out. But Pokemon wasn’t around when I was a kid (at least I don’t think) so I’m extra ignorant.

10. Um hi. I need to be in this POOL OF SPRINKLES!