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I know I’m being basic with a smoothie bowl AGAIN since I shared one in last month’s favorites, but I can’t get enough! Here’s a list of what I’ve been loving all of July. Such a fun, super hot, super delicious month.

Pitaya packs! So I’ve decided that I like pitaya (pink dragonfruit) more than acai for smoothie bowls. I’ve been making them at home on my own and am seriously obsessed. I love them with some crunchy peanut butter granola. Plus, THE COLOR. Yes, that is the real color – no editing or saturation increase in the photo. SO pretty. Of course I want to eat neon. I find mine at Whole Foods, but I just realized you can buy them online too!

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin. I read this at the beginning of the month and really enjoyed it. She is one of my favorite authors and I wasn’t super nutty about her book two years ago, but this one I liked so much. Finished it in two days, that’s how much.

Kate Spade Forever Stud Earrings. If you’ve been reading then you know that I’ve worn the Kate Spade square stub earrings for YEARS. I have them in like ten different colors and they are my go-to. I stumbled upon these studs at the nordstrom sale and bought them in rose gold and gold. All that’s left now is silver, but I’m sure they will restock!

Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Crispbread. I love these big crunchy crackers. They are so seedy and the perfect vehicle for piled avocado or hummus toast. You can see them in action here.

Completely in love with this high low dress (I have the navy/white) – it is SO fun! The bottom really flows and moves when you walk. It’s casual but dressy at the same time, if that makes sense. And so comfortable too!

Also loving this cut away midi dress (I have it in blue and the stripes) from Loft because it’s just so EASY. It’s really soft, a great cover up or just run-around dress and can be worn whenever. The top and back has such a flattering cut too.

As far as TV, I have to give it to Stranger Things! We just finished it this past weekend and I felt like I was transported to my birth year, and felt a lot of feels for Winona – as Eddie says, she plays crazy sooo well – and we were hooked.

When it comes to music, I’m still blasting my summer 2016 playlist. I really love the Meghan Trainor album, still enjoying Thomas Rhett’s Tangled Up, listing to a bunch of Beyonce and old school Britney (what what) and I looove Too Good with Drake/Rhianna.

This iridescent tote from J Crew. Yes, you’re right, I need a new iridescent bag like I need a hole in the head, but I couldn’t pass it up. I mean it’s a TOTE! I love it so much, it’s the perfect size for transporting wine (truth) and it’s just too fun. I got mine on sale and unfortunately it’s sold out… bah.

Kevita Master Brew Kombucha. This is a repeat favorite, but it is SUCH a favorite this month. I’ve come to notice that the afternoon cup of coffee I love so much doesn’t really feel like… clean (for lack of a better word) caffeination. As in, I feel fine and great after one cup in the early morning, but around 3 or 4PM, a second cup makes me feel like garbage! These kombuchas are a great pick me up though – and do exactly that – really pick me up. I usually only have half a bottle and I’m good. Just don’t drink it at night! I learned the hard way.

For swim, I’ve been loving this la blanca bandeau one piece. I love this suit! I’ve had a version of one since 2013 and they are super comfortable. Lately, I’ve been using the straps on it since I have Max with me in the pool to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. What suits are you loving this summer? I’m really eyeing some of the Ted Baker ones.

Speaking of, I also love my tunic cover up from last year – mine is cobalt blue and just the perfect swim suit cover up – similar to this one in black.

Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop. These are a repeat again but I am SO IN LOVE with them! Like I completely underestimated how much I would love these shoes. I find them to be so insanely comfortable.

Because I’m ridiculously cliche, I bought a rose gold flamingo pool float and we are loving it. Max think’s it is so much fun when he’s on it, plus it’s cute as heck. I’m definitely making Eddie take it on vacation with us. Whomp whomp.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. tell me your faves! there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]