tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. 30 years ago yesterday, the first Babysitter’s Club book was published! I always thought of myself as Mary Ann. But now that I’m older, I wish I would’ve been as cool as Claudia.

2. How incredible does this BLT balsamic chicken salad look?! I need.

3. We watched ALL of Stranger Things! Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to start, but I mentioned it in my July favorites yesterday. I think my favorite thing was how it was kind of all going on and most of the other parents were completely clueless and it was the kids who were trying to solve the issue. Um, also, can we talk about my favorite character Dustin?! Eddie and I laughed so much through the show. He said he felt like he was in an 80s sci fi novel.

4. Why we should all dream. So good.

5. Did you see that they are remaking the movie Beaches? I can’t even fathom it – Beaches IS Bette Midler. My mom and I used to watch it constantly. It also made me obsessed with going under boardwalks at the beach.

6. A few months ago we were talking about dr. pimple popper on instagram (just stop) but I think I’ve found something just as bad… all the dentist accounts! I’ve never been super afraid of the dentist but I don’t want to see a timelapse video of painful dentist work. Noooo. Go away please.

7. Instagram stories? Tell me about this. Is it like snapchat for insta?

8. I want to organize the heck out of everything. Or have someone come do it for me.

9. I’m super honored that my blog was nominated for the best food blog award in the bloglovin’ awards. It might sound ridiculous but I work hard to put out authentic content daily and it seriously means the world to me that after seven+ years, it’s still going strong. Thank you so much for being here! xoxo