tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Toast marshmallow s’mores ice cream. Hello, I’m alive!

2. Yesterday I spent AT LEAST 20 minutes trying to get on (and, well, STAY on) one of those huge inflatable swans in the middle of the lake. I swear it is absolutely impossible from the middle of the water. I must have flipped off that thing 25 times and was caked in sand. Bonus is that I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.

3. Now that we’re in the thick of it, which do you choose: instagram stories or snapchat? I miss the face filters (and, um, so does Max), but I’m instagram stories all the way.

4. We haven’t even turned on the TV while on vacation, aside from a few Olympic events. GAH. I love watching them so much. I practically bawled when Aly Raisman cried the moment she finished her floor routine. Simone is amazing. So much love. Katie Ledecky is ridiculously inspiring. I love this.

5. Excuses you tell yourself and learning from them. Ohhhh I need this.

6. Eddie bought a drone, and I am 100% terrified every time he puts the thing in the air to take a video. It’s like having a fear of heights and just watching it happen. I’m convinced it’s going to fall right out of the air.

7. Planner lovers! What planner are you loving for 2017 (or the 2016 fall start)? You know I’ve been a Day Designer planner hoarder for the last few years, but I might be switching to only bullet journaling. Unless there is something cool and new and amazing that I have to try, per your suggestion .

8. Do you think that any kids today still pass old-fashioned notes in class? Do they play MASH with paper and pencil or is there totally an app for that? (And if so I’m downloading it right now.)

9. Icecreamcation. It’s a thing.