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I know that last week was still “technically” September, but this weekend feels much more September-like to me. Nothing weather-related, of course, as we continue to sweat our faces off, but it’s slightly cooler in the mornings and I can just TASTE the apples. After a wildly crazy past two weeks I am sort of looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. What are you guys up to?!

If you want the most perfect SEPTEMBER SANGRIA, taking you from summer to fall, find it here! And did you see: last week, I shared a little travel video from our Michigan vacation along with our favorite spots.

P.S. peanut butter and jelly crumb muffin video!

Little loves this week:

zucchini parmesan sliders! craving these like no other.

adoring this simple evening dinner oh so much.

this yellow watermelon salad is absolutely stunning.

if you’ve ever considered a capsule wardrobe but want some color. yes yes yes! sichuan peppercorn blueberry oatmeal pie. holy creative.

cocoa peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. whoa whoa whoa.

how adorable is this smart cookie bark?

a perfect grilled pluot cocktail.

beer brat chili! it’s that time of year.

i don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to make a homemade birthday oreo.

lovely little old fashioned donuts with salted caramel!

the most gorgeous tomato soup i ever did see.

white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake. i went there.