tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Over the weekend Max walked into the house and handed me these flowers and I just about DIED. It was sort of cliche but totally perfect and inspired me to get out a bunch of decorative pumpkins. And for that Eddie did ten thousand eye rolls.

2. Um, these churro apple pie bowls are ridiculous and I need them.

3. Even though I’m a major fan of Dunkin’s iced pumpkin coffee over the PSL, I ordered an iced PSL last week at Starbucks and here’s the thing: I hate the whipped cream on it! And I forgot to say no whip. I mean, I love whipped cream but I don’t want it on iced coffee. It melts and gets weird with the ice. Are you with me?

4. Favorite booties that you are loving for fall? I have about 21 pairs in my online Nordstrom cart and can’t decide.

5. The lip sync battle with Michael Phelps and the surprise guests made my life.

6. You know I have crazy mad love for Tom Hanks (and that Eddie doesn’t really like him as an actor – it’s a HUGE point of contention in our marriage, hello), so I must share this just so you can watch the music video again.

7. I really love Masters of Sex and can see how so many other people think it’s boring, but even I found myself thinking the whole premier episode LET’S SPEED IT UP HERE A LITTLE. Maybe it’s my internet generation brain. I did really like it though with the whole Hugh H thing – some neat (neat? is this 1992? wtf) pop culture. I live for Lizzy Caplan. And the outfits right now are fun too.

8. I feel like I’ve neglected the “story telling” vibe in my photos lately and sometimes find myself going through the motions since I don’t love photography. I have tons of delicious recipes I’ve made but can’t convey my excitement in the photos! It’s so cyclical for me. What gets you out of a creative rut?

9. On that note, next week I’ll be speaking at the chopped conference! Are you going? You should! Tell me, tell me! Come say hi.