tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Today is Eddie’s birthday!! It is the first time since I started blogging that his birthday doesn’t fall on a recipe posting day, so I made these trashed up donuts for him last Friday. Max woke up already yelling “cake!” Homemade funfetti it is.

2. I’m thinking we should move to an apple pie spice latte. Let’s make it a thing.

3. Over the weekend I bought a pair of the shoes that lace up and tie around the ankles (heels, not flats, duh) and I seriously wanted to die while trying to unlace them to get my foot in and lace them back up in the store. It took FOREVER. Yet I still bought them. Marketer’s dream.

4. I also already bought basically every Thanksgiving decor item that Target has in stock. Hate myself.

5. Absolutely freaking over this pear s’mores crumble. What! My mind is blown.

6. Okay, TV! So I want to start Narcos (Eddie and I actually watched a few episodes last year but got distracted) and it’s on the docket. I really liked this past week’s episode of Masters of Sex (why do I have such an insane crush on Michael Sheen?!) and loved some of the funny moments of the Emmys. Like Matt Damon coming out. Ha.

7. Can’t even look at a sunflower without thinking of Sunflowers perfume, which reminds me of my 6th grade crush and how horribly strong I must have smelled of this cologne. It seems like there has been a sunflower resurgence (on attire, not in scent!) but I still have sunflower vests, hat, pants and silk shirts in a closet at my parents house. WHAT.

8. Is the Farmer’s Almanac ever correct in predicting crazy weather? Apparently it says that this winter will be horrrrrrrible. But I feel like it always says that.

9. How to cure workplace jealousy. Whoa – I love this and think it can apply to any type of job!