tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Desperately needed candy canes yesterday for a shoot and even though the world starts promoting holidays months before they arrive, no candy canes could be found. We did find cool little peppermint sticks, but no candy canes. This is a far cry from when Eddie and I heard Christmas music on the radio on October 17th, 2008 as we returned from our honeymoon.

2. This also comes from the person who is stalking the aisles of Target weekly for their Christmas decor. Like, why?

3. A chocolate pretzel tart?! My salty sweet brain just exploded.

4. 25 things every book-loving kid in the 90s will remember. I LIVED for book fair day! Lived, I tell you.

5. I was so, so sad over the ending of Masters of Sex this week, even though I totally saw it coming because there was so much foreshadowing. Ugh. But I do appreciate them showing that in that decade, if that situation happened, it would be the outcome (for Betty, I mean – trying to not spoil it! haha). Totally sucks. Also! How much do I love This Is Us?! And we watched Divorce and loved that too – even Eddie loved it and laughed out loud. Ridiculous. Now I’m scarrred for the premier of the Walking Dead.

6. A huge part of me wants to start doing vlogs, but I can barely find time to snapchat so that might be a joke. But! I’m thinking of vlogging my entire Thanksgiving prep! And maybe a day in the life before.

7. I’m the worst wordy person in the universe and can’t ever keep things simple. So: how to tell a great story without rambling endlessly. Perhaps I should get this blown up into poster size and placed on my wall.

8. Have you guys ever tried the raw garlic trick for severe colds/bronchitis? I’m petrified of it, but I’m pretty sick right now and supposed to travel later this week. How do I take down a few raw garlic cloves without dying? That is the question.