holiday gift guide for HER I

Welcome to the start of my 2016 gift guides! All week, I’m going to be sharing my favorite things (in fact, we’re doing six full days of gift guides!!) and while I’ve mentioned most of them throughout the year (and previous years) in my favorites posts, these are the 20 gems that I think are absolutely gift worthy.

I know that these picks are a bit more extravagant and pricey, but it’s truly the things I have loved all year. Later this week, I’ll be sharing a gift guide under $25!

J. Crew Chateau Parka. I have been dying for one of these coats for years and years now. It’s definitely a splurge, but I think it’s such a timeless classic.


Kendra Scott Bianca Cuff. Rose gold for life. I love everything sparkly and shiny and love this even more because it’s a cuff and not a full bracelet. I think they are so much more comfortable – and even more practical for me to wear with Max.


Clare V Foldover Clutch. One of my favorite bags ever. The Clare V clutches are so soft and wonderful and I love how they can be dressed up or down.


Nest Birchwood Pine Candle. If you read my site regularly then I probably sound like a broken record, but I LOVE this scent so much. I also rarely by luxury candles on my own, so getting them as a gift is extra special.


Kendra Scott Stone Stud Earrings. For years, I’ve been crazy over the Kate Spade studs, but these might be my new obsession. My brother and sister-in-law got me these for my birthday and they are so super gorgeous.


Rag and Bone Margot Booties. This is another splurgy item, but it’s Christmas! You know that most of the time I buy my boots and shoes at Target, but once a year or every other, I like to get a really NICE pair of boots. Considering we wear them for half the year here in Pennsylvania, I consider them an investment! Eddie would disagree. Regardless, these boots are super comfortable. Got them for my birthday and I love ’em to pieces!


Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket. A few years ago I bought my mom a Barefoot Dreams wrap for Christmas, before I ever even knew about the brand. It was just SO soft. Ever since, I’ve been crazy over their stuff. I haven’t bought a sweater yet for myself, but I did buy one of these blankets a few weeks ago! Cold weather here we come.


Copper Pineapple Tumbler. I don’t think I will ever get sick of the adorable pineapple tumblers. So cute!


Kate Spade Knit Colorblock Scarf. I am a self-proclaimed scarf-a-holic. It’s true. It’s embarrassing. At Christmas, I really love giving heavier knit scarves because we are heading into the coldest part of winter.


Rebecca Minkoff Rachel Crossbody in blue hologram. I mean, must I even tell you something about this? It’s hologram (!!!!) and better than that… it’s teal hologram! AHHHH. The prettiest and I will never get over my love for Rebecca Minkoff bags.


Samsung nx300 Mirrorless Camera and the 30mm lens. This should come as no surprise since I talk about it every single month in my favorites posts, but this camera is the best. The quality is so super close to my DSLR camera, but this is small and light and wonderful. And it can fit in your purse! I recommend getting the 30mm pancake lens because it makes the camera more compact and small. It’s what I shoot most of my instagram photos with and what I take everywhere we go to get pics of Max. Occasionally, I even use it for a recipe photo or two – it’s that good.


Date Night In by Ashley Rodriguez. This remains one of my most favorite cookbooks to date. I think it’s perfect for a spouse or significant other, but also if you have a friend that’s a bride-to-be. Ashley’s recipes are so wonderful and the book is pretty enough to display in the kitchen or on your coffee table.


Jo Malone Cologne Collection. This collection houses my favorite scent by Jo Malone (Mimosa and Cardamom) with close seconds coming in with Pomegranate Noir and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. In fact, I love ALL the scents in here. If you have someone who enjoys switching up their scent often, this is the best gift ever.


Kate Spade Color Crush Necklace. I have my moments of wearing delicate gold necklaces but let’s be real: most of the time I want something bold, crazy, neon and/or full of color or jewels. I have two Kate Spade statement necklaces like this that are a few years old and I consider them to be timeless. They are so pretty! It’s terrible that I want this one too.


Day Designer Planner. My favorite planner! I’ve used this one for years and earlier in the year, considered just going the bullet journal route, but have since decided that won’t work for me right now. I still love bullet journaling, but use it more as a to-do list. And I need an actual paper planner BOOK where I can throw everything in my life. The Day Designer format is my favorite.


Mackenzie Childs Check and Stripe Taper Candles. I’m obsessed with all things Mackenzie Childs, but I know that the bold prints can be overwhelming at times. I love how fun these taper candles are when added to a room – they give it so much personality and character!


Pottery Barn McKenna Large Jewelry Chest. I bought this for my mom a few years ago (in the aqua color) and she LOVES it. I love it too! I do have a “nicer” jewelry chest that almost looks like a piece of furniture, but I like that this one is pretty enough to sit out, or square enough to fit in a closet.


Honorable Mentions:
Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer. This allows you to print little pictures from your phone (and instagram) and it’s so cool!
Lululemon Align Crops. My favorite black leggings EVER. To wear with regular clothing or to work out! Obsessed.
Gap Puffer Vest. This is my current favorite puffer vest. I LOVE Gap vests and still have one from my freshman year of college. They are the best.