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I’m back with another gift guide, this time – my favorite one! All the gifts and things I’ve been loving in 2017. For a list of my gift guide for HER last year, click here! Everything on that list is still applicable today… in fact, I had such a hard time narrowing down my absolute favorites.

HowSweetEats 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her:

kikki.k Create Your Life Plan book. If you’re a stationary freak like I am and love to physically write things down – AND love all sorts of self improvement books and what not, this is the best gift ever. I love goal-oriented books like this that you can look back on.

Mattie Plaid Scarf. This was one of my first scarf purchases of the the season and I’m in LOVE with it. It’s huge and so, so soft. And look at the colors! Eeep!

Nest Birchwood Pine candle. This is my all-time favorite candle scent for the end of the year. October through January-ish (and sometimes longer), this is the scent that is burning in our house. Everyone asks about it and it smells heavenly.

bkr Water Bottle. One of my favorite water bottles that I refill through the day. It’s glass, but it’s manageable and one I take everywhere.

2018 Rifle Paper Calendar. This is the calendar I use every year for my loose editorial calendar and it’s so super pretty!

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote. This is by far the best (unstructured) tote I have ever had. You can fit EVERYTHING in it. I also don’t worry about it getting super dirty because it’s fairly easy to clean. And it has a zipper! Definitely think this is such a practical gift that will be used forever.

Deco Wrist Cuff. These are my favorite kind of bracelets – cuffs that stay close to the wrist and don’t really bang around. Absolutely in LOVE with this one. I have a Kendra Scott one from last year that is super similar too. The colors are so pretty!

Stone Drop Earrings. I adore all things Kendra Scott and think these are SO pretty! I’m totally sold on the hot pink and blue shades and love how lightweight these earrings are.

Ted Baker Ballpoint Pens. I love all things Ted Baker and stationary/paper/pens, so I just about died when I saw these. I think they are the best gift ever because they aren’t something I’d splurge on myself, but are something I’d be SO excited to get!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket. This is the softest, most wonderful blanket on earth. I’m currently sitting under one as I type this and Eddie and I pretty much fight over the one in our living room. They only get better with time.

Canon G7x Mark II camera. This is my camera of choice at the moment! Of course, my Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR is the best camera I’ve ever used, but it’s huge and hard to lug around all the time. If you’re looking for a DSLR, that’s definitely the one to choose, but in the meantime, this is the camera I bought earlier this summer for travel, any sorts of vlog style videos and one to have in my purse. The quality is excellent.

Velvet Slippers. These are a target find that my cousin and I are flipping out over. Guys! These are more comfortable than my Ugg slippers. They are so soft and fluffy inside but still have a hard sole on the bottom if you need to run to grab the mail, take the dog out, etc. Plus, they are the PRETTIEST color. I’d call it a lilac of sorts? Definitely not blush, but also not purple. Love them so much.

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan. I have talked this cardigan into the ground because it’s SO good. It’s basically a robe that looks a little nicer than an actual robe. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the cardigan versions, but I chose this one because it has pockets. Which can be key!

LuMee Phone Case. I’m not a huge selfie person, but I actually bought this case so I could take selfies with my kids, ha. And as a family. This case is lit and provides better lighting for a selfie, so if you know someone who takes a bunch, this is the best. Also, I love the actual phone case in general and I tend to have trouble finding ones I love.

Polaroid Zip Printer. Ever since Max was born I have been more adamant about printing photos and not just having them stored on my phone or a memory card. I love these zip printers because they are also stickers, so I’ll stick the photos in my planners or even print some pictures for Max to use as stickers. He loves it too!

Striped Lucite Clutch. I always love to include a super fun bag in my gift guides because I gravitate towards something that I wouldn’t purchase for myself. This is SO fun. And colorful. And I am absolutely dying over it. I feel like it’s the 2017 version of something Jem and the Rockers might have.

Fuzzy Reindeer Plush Socks. Um, I am obsessed with these. I have a weirdo nostalgic thing with super soft socks at Christmas because my grandma would always get me a pair. These are SO fun. And so so so soft. Yes, I already bought multiple pairs. Ha.

Vitruvi Oil Diffuser. As much as I love diffusing essential oils, I think so many of the diffusers are just plain… ugly. Ugh. This is one that I bought back in July and I actually love having it out! It’s just so pretty and almost like a piece of decor.

Cashmere Mittens/Gloves. This style of glove is the only one I can even fathom wearing at the moment with having kids. I love that it’s a mitten style but that you can still quickly pull the mitten part back for use of your fingers. Plus, super soft and pretty!

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]