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Happy Day 4 of Gift Guide week! These items, all under $25 are my favorites for stocking stuffers, grab bag ideas for work or even hostess gifts (when you don’t feel like taking booze!). I’d love to hear your ideas below in the comments!

Avocado Toast Ornament. Ummm can you even take this?! I die over Sur La Table’s food ornaments every year, but this one takes the cake! Or the toast.

Marble Coaster Set. I love love love getting coasters for Christmas because they are something that I never pick up for myself – or something I can never decide on. Love these marble ones from Target.

Mackenzie Childs Luggage Tag. Super cute and adds character to your bag!

Copper Plated Measuring Cups. I can never have too many sets of measuring cups and since I adore everything rose gold, I’m crazy over these.

Artifact Uprising square prints set. Perhaps my favorite and most used gift (for all events!) ever, I adore the print set from Artifact. This is how I made Max’s prints from month 1 to month 12 for his first birthday and we also have an “instagram” wall in our powder room of prints.

Parfum Snow Globe. I have a crazy fascination with snow globes and it’s heightened this year because Max thinks they are the coolest thing ever. While I usually lean towards more traditional ones, I love this fun, gold one. It’s completely up my alley. Glitter!

Bodum Travel Press Coffee Mug. I have no words and need about three of these!

American Spoon Honeycrisp Apple Conserve. Or any of the preserves or toppings. You know they are my all-time favorite.

Starbucks iridescent cold drink tumbler. I drink water out of one of these tumblers every single day. I have two that I alternate between. I just love how large and sturdy they are – and that they have a straw!

You Are A Badass Desk Calendar. I read this book on a flight last month and while I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, it was SO GOOD. It was exactly what I needed. Self help in a hilarious and inspiring way. Erin so graciously sent me the desk calendar and I’m pumped for 2017 to use it!

Beautycounter for Target Rose Face Mist. I picked this up a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. So refreshing.

Sweetapolita Sprinkles. Like these need any more explaining – they are only my most favorite sprinkles EVER! The amount that I own is embarrassingly wonderful.

A Cozy Coloring Book. My friend Adrianna created this gorgeous coloring book WITH RECIPES! It’s so fun, affordable and the best gift ever.

Bodum 2.5 ounce Espresso Cups. Hello lover. I want mine refilled three times. Love these sets!

Sincerely Colleen Zip Pouch. Colleen actually works with me and is ridiculously creative. We have the same brain half the time except she can sew and draw and craft ALL THE THINGS. Super talented. I adore her zip pouches and her cards!

80s Glam Sharpies. Because, neon! And 80s Glam.

Mini Emergency Kits. I thought these were ridiculous a few years ago, but I have been converted. I can’t even tell you how many times one of these has saved me. And I love that there are so many different versions.

Green Inspired Soft Covered Notebook. I’m a notebook junkie, it’s no secret. I love the smaller sized ones and can’t even tell you how many I own.