tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It seems like I am the only one who has not decorated for Christmas yet. Is that just thanks to the internet? I’m dyyyying to decorate but don’t want to spoil the Thanksgiving fun. Though I might have bought a million sparkly rainbow picks for our tree(s).

2. I’m not a crazy early morning black Friday shopper, but I do like to go out in the afternoon just to be in the thick of the craziness. Are you shopping that day?! We’ve already found deals this week on things that seem unbeatable.

3. Basically never eating anything again other than this hot fudge chocolate cake.

4. You know what I’m really into? You’re going to be shocked. LETTUCE wrapped burgers. I know. It sounds horrible. It’s like I’ve betrayed you. But I haven’t. We first made them last summer and for some reason, the fresh, crispy lettuce is just fantastic around the burger. Now that I’ve been open and honest. The secret is to use iceberg though. ICEBERG. How dare I.

5. I just cannot get over the Joe Biden memes. The hilarity!

6. What did you guys think of The Affair?! Can I just say that I thought the ending was terrifying? Like I am having nightmares from it. I thought it was fake until I saw the previews right after. And Walking Dead: so boring. Ugh. Also! DIVORCE. So funny I hate it. SO much.

7. It’s true: gratitude promotes gratitude.

8. Guesssss what. I’ve been vlogging my Thanksgiving prep this week, just like I said I would! Hopefully I have enough guts to post it. It seems super boring. But I like creepily peeking into people’s lives soooo…  I’m thinking Thursday evening or Friday morning. If you subscribe to my youtube channel, you’ll be notified the minute it goes up!